Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Surfing Australia in July

It's been done.

There has been a lot of procrastination involved in the process, but at the same time there hasn't been that many opportunities for me to get it done.

If there is a spare moment between Monday - Friday I usually take advantage of it and get something to eat or drink at work. When it comes to the weekend, well I'm either hung over on Saturday morning due to the number of beers I had Friday night to get me over the number of hours I had spent at work the following 5 days, or it's too nice a day to spend inside so I'm sunning on our new deck with my "cool as a house" house mates.

Today however, thanks to an unfortunate series of events, I find myself on a Tuesday afternoon out of the office and able to do the thing that has been plaguing me for so long..... which in itself is a good thing for me....... but for the girl who is getting a new front tooth drilled into her upper jaw on her 20th birthday......... well that just plain sucks.

In fact, it sucks so much that I think I'm going to forego any "gummy" comments, remarks about getting old and needing false teeth, references to dentures........ I won't even point and laugh if the anesthetic hasn't worn off and she drools all the way back home on the tube.

Well I might point and snigger.

So, after all this procrastination I have finally booked my return trip home to Australia for Min and Paul's wedding. I'd like to forget just how much money I have now donated to the Flight Centre foundation, in fact it almost would have been cheaper for me to book myself in for a new set of front teeth as well...............

Now is the big question, do I announce the dates of my return, or just surprise everyone by just rocking up unexpected some time in July?

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