Friday, September 12, 2008

Surfing Portugal

Well it´s been a while but I´m back in front of a computer again.

When the Alyce, Glen & Meagan clan left the trip they accidently collected my electricity converter which has left me without power for the laptop, which means no blogging.

I have been writing a bit, taking lots of notes about the places I´ve been (especially the great surfing venues in Portugal) and since Sintra I´ve even been able to start taking some photo´s again. That´s right, another Canon Ixus has joined the party (I´ve gone back to the Ixus 70 seeing as I´ve now spent about $900.00 on the camara´s just to wind up with the same camera I started with).

From Sintra I headed up north towards Peniche, which to be fair to the town isn´t the best place I´ve been on the trip so far. It is a must stop though, as just down the road is Baleal which is an awesome little spot for waves for all levels of surfer.

The main break, from memory is Ajeed but I´ll confirm in a post just for that, is a great left hander that breaks over rock. Most surfers were getting 2-3 turns on the crappy waves, more on the good set waves.

To the left of that is Baleal beach which offers some great beginner waves, and as you go further down the beach they begin to pitch a little earlier and on a big day I imagine would offer some small barrelling sections.

I´ll be posting a few photo´s soon (charging the camera battery at the internet place at the moment) and a video of the Baleal break.

I´m in figura de foz at the moment and staying in a car park at Buarcos which seems to have some nice waves just outside of a fairly shallow and rocky paddle out. Again, I´ll be back with some pictures and hopefully some water footage in the next couple of days.


Marko said...

Hey Bro,
Marko from the Sunshine Coast in OZ here. I am comin over to Porto in 10 days, comin into Lisbon. Gunna stay in hostel for a few days then get a van and chase some waves. So? North or south bro? Whats it lookin like? I want to stop in San Sebastian in Spain for a bit in October...
Might see ya in the line up dude,

Birdman said...

Head North from Lisbon and get to Praia Grande for some nice waves. There's another spot, I can't remember or get hold of it, but it's on the way north which is worth a stop too.

For consistancy and just a great surf and place to chill, go to Peniche and drive up to Baleal. There's a car park on the right which overlooks a break and the beach that stretches along, park there and meet the local crew and enjoy some great days surfing.