Thursday, April 09, 2009

Babies in the office

With the impending birth of Kylie and Paul's second child, and me being 20 hours flying time away from them, I was happy to get a dose of baby action in the office yesterday.

Baby Anna is the daughter of one of my team members at work who came in for a visit yesterday afternoon. Apparently on the way to the office she was grizzly and cried a bit, but as soon as she was in the Squiz office she was all smiles.

Some might say it's the cold harsh London weather versus the warmth of the office, I think it's just the fact that Anna had spent 9 of the 10 months in the office (albeit womb based).

Thanks for the comment....

@justinavery U ARE A NATURAL BORN HAIRY FATHER.. we can have babies anyday.. ; )

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