Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Christmas in England

There were two brilliant Christmas presents from what I can only describe as my English family. No more tangible then the paper they are written/printed on, but all the more special because of it.

One from my wonderful girlfriend Laura, a story of how we arrived at Christmas day that spans nearly 3 years, 22 pages, with still much more to be added as we go.

The second was from her Nan who recited a poem for me on Christmas morning.

So we welcome Justin for Christmas
From that Aussie country way down under
If he think we are having cold turkey & salad
Then he is making a terrible blunder.

For her we have hot turkey & pudding

We need all the warmth for our tummy

But even he must surely admit

Hot mince pied covered in cream are yummy

He can drink some lovely mulled wine

Or if he prefers a cold beer.
A few nice chocolates & some nuts
Will be eaten by all of us here

If Alf hasn't chewed all the presents

That are piled up under the tree

Don't know what Santa has brought him

But there might be one there from me.

Now I don't know what he does in Australia
But here we play sports quizzes & games
And I bags he will be on my side

For he must know all the footballers names.

I do hope you enjoy your Christmas

For we Thame folk are glad you are here

So it just remains for me to wish you

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

Thank you very much to Nan and the Anderson Family, especially the beautiful Laura.

Post boxing day stroll in the country

Mini Christmas Tree for my room (thanks for the pressies everyone!)


Dan said...

That's awesome. Just goes to show that it really is the thought that counts. Making gifts means so much more.

Kara said...

I made the BBQ shapes and Tim Tams - I promise!!!