Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Big Surf in Ireland

Once again I'm looking to make a quick trip over to Ireland for a big swell coming in. Unfortunately the wind looks like it's going to blow it out again, but it's time to escape the big city of London again.

I've got to do a couple of buys soon, get a wide angle lens for the HV20 and then send it off to California to get the SPL Water Housing custom made for the camera.

With that done, and the new wet suit from O'Neill, it's time to get out on the ski's and get some great shots!


Beach Bum said...

Post some pics of your kit when you get the housing back - would like to see what it all looks like (did you ever get to the Crown btw?)

Birdman said...

Still haven't made it over there, but I'll be sure to get there for the Easter break trip!

I'll post the pics up as soon as the work is done....