Thursday, February 14, 2008

Filming Ruth Theodore

Alright..... I'm happy to admit it.

I've been spending a lot of time in London recently and there's not much 'surfing' to speak of at the moment.
Luckily things have begun to turn around in terms of getting back into the filming side of life though. While work is always busy, who's isn't, it can produce opportunities.

One of our contractors, James Hurst, who runs asked me a few weeks ago if I could film a gig for one of his brightest artists in Ruth Theodore.

The gig was on tonight at the Monkey something or other near camden town, a great small venue with a very laid back chilled acoustic vibe. I filmed with my two cameras with me on one and Geoffroy (another guy from work who is studying film at university) on the other.

Ruth reminded me very much of Rosie Burgess from back home, and was equally laid back when we chatted after the gig.

I'm not sure how the footage turned out just yet, but once we have a chance to capture and run through it I'll be sure to put some up here for everyone to listen and see.

On the surfing side of things, I had a trial run of looking at dropping work and booking flights to the Canary Islands (which I only found out the location of this morning). If there looks to be a good enough swell over there in the next few weeks I'm heading off to do a little bit of filming... and hopefully continue to build the great stuff I've already managed to snag while I've been in the UK.

For now, I'm off to bed. I missed a tube by 7 minutes and it was the difference between getting home at a reasonable time, and getting home at 2am.

Night all!

Oh, and for all those that I used to have long winded arguments/discussions with back home regarding politics, human rights, religion and so on I have another post coming up after catching up with an old high school friend. It's going to be on sweatshops....... try and work out what my position will be and why......

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