Friday, August 08, 2008

Summer in London

The skies are cloudy and there is a slight drizzle.

London during the summer, does it get any better?

Fortunately it does. Yesterday I arrived back in London after a 20 hour flight back from Darwin. I was able to sleep for about 10 hours during the flight which was great, but the final 3 hours heading in to Heathrow definitely dragged on.

Arriving at 5am London time I spent the next 1.45 minutes clearing customs and waiting for my bag to arrive. It seemed at Singapore they forgot to transfer the luggage from the Darwin Jet Star Flight on to the BA flight.

2 Flights with BA into Heathrow in the past month, 2 times lost luggage.

Luckily for me and all the passengers the next plane that arrived had our luggage safely stored away...... definitely lucky for me seeing as I'm now sitting at Stansted Airport awaiting a boarding call to head to Rome.

From there I'll check out the Pantheon and the Fountain tonight before collecting Sarah and Elise to do the Colleseum and the Vatican on the Saturday and Sunday.

Once Monday rolls around it's off to pick up the wicked camper and start our drive across the south west coast of Europe.

The camera is charged and the underwater housing is packed, there's sure to be lots of great pictures, videos and stories to follow.


lottery said...

that's way too cool.

Birdman said...

Cheers Lottery, if you swing me a couple results prior to the draws I'll make sure the trip gets even cooler.