Monday, November 10, 2008

Justin on wiki

I've recently flown back to my home town of Darwin and resumed at my old job working with nerdy IT stuff.  

One of the new things we're pushing are wiki's in the work place.  

Before you start..... yes I know wiki's aren't new, but when you enter a workplace that has become very particular in the way the work with paper it is difficult to push new technologies, even if they're many years old.

We set up Media Wiki on my computer which is running Xammp to show how beneficial a wiki could be to potential clients within the organisation.

Fortunately my mate at work decided to put up a post to show the ease at which you're able to update and share information.  UNfortunately he decided to post a wiki article about me that went along the lines of this.............

The Justin is a recently discovered species found to hibernate in dark corners of seedy pubs. First discovered in Australia, poor quarantine procedures allowed for the accidental migration of this species to several other countries, where it has become a evironmental pest. If not properly controlled, the Justin is known to take down anywhere up to 15 German Backpackers in a single month. It also has a significant ecological footprint on disposable resources such as doritos and midstrength beer.

While generally weedy and rather unassuming to look at, the Justin can often be mistaken for the Jesus christ, which, is of course, a totally different species. In fact, morally, it can be said the Justin and the Jesus Christ could not be any more different.

Although the Justin is not a naturally agressive species, it does have several defensive traits that are known to protect it from predators. Firstly, with its supporting diet of processed food and carbonated liquids of 'most' varieties, the Justin can produce a defensive odor that will literally burn your nostrils off. Victims of the Justin can often be heard sreaming, "For the love of god, I can't feel my legs..." Another defense mechanism the Justin has been known to employ has simply been coined, "the webmonster", but to date, those who have experienced this have been unwilling to discuss it, rather, they just curl up into the fetal postion and rock in a corner of the room. It can only be assumed it must be quite devestating.

The Justin is renound for it's amazing sense of sound, with large protruding ears capable of hearing what the Chinese are thinking. Although it is not known for what reason this enhanced sensory ability is for, it is suspected it could be used when preying on Swedish barmaids.

While it is not entirely true, it is pretty damn funny and one of the best digs I've seen in a while..... at least until the wiki post on Paul becomes available.


Karren said...

Very funny indeed.......I shall be hanging out for the come back....should be good! Biannca and Paul must be feeling like it's back to the "old times", but I must send them some pegs!!!
Love KP

Birdman said...

I'm not sure if I can come back to beat that one, Paul's got too much over me ;)

Kita said...

Geez, i hope Australian quarantine procedures dont tighten up any time soon, as this species still has many countries to infect! And although known as an evironmental pest to some, The Justin is the type that all love to have around :)

Birdman said...

I just got through talking with the australian customs and the good news is that they will allow the Justin to continue his travels around the world, environmental pest or not.