Sunday, November 16, 2008

Roma Bar Cafe

The Roma bar is one of my new favourite places.

Not just for the good coffee and free wireless internet access point, but also for the range of people that dine here.

It's funny how different locations ensure a gathering of stereo typical people.  The Cavenagh across the road stays busy with a younger 'party' crowd that gather for debaucherous Sunday Sessions, while the Roma Bar seems to attract a group of people with extraordinarily strong opinions of politics, religion, world events.

It's not my favorite place because I'm opinionated in these topics.......... I'm just generally opinionated across the board, but because I can sit back and listed to how a group of people are going to change the world for the better.

Across from me on this occasion are a table of four, two couples, who are in the throws of conversation regarding the Bush's term in office.  While they are making a few good points, it appears that the only action one couple has taken is to refuse to shower or use deodorant and seem to have boycotted the use of a comb and shampoo.

It's a damn good thing Obama has come along now, because with eight years worth of talking about it I'm sure they were on the verge of actually doing something...... oh yes Bush you should count yourself lucky you couldn't serve another term.

Well I'd best be off, I'm going across to the Cav to meet a few mates for a couple of beers and discuss what can be done about the Australian Cricket team

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