Tuesday, October 20, 2009

London in the Winter

It's a sad a depressing time of the year when the sun has gone down just as the clock strikes time to go home..... and the worse thing is that it will go down a minute earlier every day until December 21st.

Still, there are worse things in the world.

This afternoon I'm heading to Lords with my good friend Roland Davies. Roland and I have battled on the cricket ground since we were 10, so it should be interesting to see just how bad we've got over the years.

I was also sat out of the Thames on Saturday afternoon with Chocolate Al for some sunset pictures. The sun let us down (well the clouds did anyway), but we still managed to snap a few nice pics.
St Pauls CathederalSt Paul's Cathedral

Chocolate AlChocolate Al


Anonymous said...

A minute earlier? It'll be an hour earlier this sunday alone ;)

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