Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shut up woman and get on my horse

The internet is an amazing place.

Today I had meetings about how to integrate an otherwise seemingly archaic software application and wrap a beautifully designed front end to enhance user experience.

I also spent some time reviewing Micro Formats, checking out the XFN format for improved social networking, and ways to do it as discussed in Discovering Magic on Alistapart.

At the same time I participated in a nerdy Forum where we discussed the pro's and con's of Mass inoculation, while finding humor in the fact that many people have similar side tracked thoughts of a mad man, much like my own.

Yet the single most favourite item I found on the internet today was through Twitter. Not only does Twitter contain such classics as @sinnermonologue, a real life Truman show of a work collegue, but it also has "Shut up Woman, Get on my Horse".

Shut up woman, get on my horse - The name says it all!

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