Monday, October 15, 2007

Getting into the swing of surfing the London Tube

Things are beginning to look further and further up in terms of me spending a bit more time in London.

I started a job at the Revolution Bars and had my trial on Friday night. Started at 6pm with no clue about any of the cocktails they had on the menu and finished at 3am, still with no idea about any of the cocktails on the list.

Alright, well maybe I knew a few of them after a few hours, but I'm still studying the cheat sheet every time someone orders one. And, they've got over 100 vodka's there, how the hell are you supposed to find the vodka on the back shelf??? I know Smirnoff and, um, Finland?

It was a great night though, and the staff there are very cool. Managed to make a few new friends, even met a girl from Australia who went to school with the girls that I met randomly in a pub during the Oktoberfest.

Speaking of the Oktoberfest, I finally got to catch up with them all again on Saturday afternoon and we sat back at the Oktoberfest bar in Fulham and tried to piece together the blur that was Oktoberfest.

It was great seeing them all again, and as usual I ended up following them back from an Oktoberfest party.... but this time we went to a house warming party.

I walked out the back and caught up with some of the other motely crew, and who else did I bump into but Tommy Ralph!

Tommy is a mate of mine from Darwin, neither of us knew that we were going to be in London, neither of us knew the people having the house warming, yet some how, some way we ended up catching up.

Small world.

Today was another great day. I worked as a freelance cameraman for the "Turn the Tables" lunch for cancer research. The lunch was at the prestigious Savoy Hotel and the room was filled with MP's, OBE's, QC's and one Clive Anderson.

There was a lot of standing around twiddling thumbs, but when it came to the job I managed to keep the stars in frame and in focus.

I'm hoping to pick up a little more freelance videography work, and hoping even more that a backpackers show goes ahead and I can get some freelance work there.

What a life that would be. Traveling, filming, and making money doing it. Can you spell D.R.E.A.M J.O.B?

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