Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Oktoberfest Day 2

On Day 2 Jusso and I braved the Oktoberfest on our own with the aim of not getting too drunk....... bwahhhhahahahahaha.

We started off at the Hofbrah House at the Oktoberfest itself with the thought of having one or two and then moving on to another tent.

Jusso and I at the Hofbra House

6 mas later we were amongst the aussies, kiwis and pom's..... still in the Hofbrah House and singing again.

We managed to head out the door around 10.30 but we walked straight across to the we saw the dodgem cars. Now I don't think of myself as a genius (well not all the time), but usually I'm smart enough to find the slot to put the token in so the car would work.

On this occasion................. not smart.

So there I was, sat in the middle of the dodgem cars with no power to the car at all with 10 other very drunk drivers. Luckily they took pity on me and steered clear of me for the 3 minute ride.

Pigs Arse!

It was as if everyone got into a line at one end to build up speed and smash into my car, only for it to happen from the other end a moment later.

Eventually the guy showed me that the slot was in the front end of the car, instead of next to the wheel like Australia.

As I leaned over to put the token in someone hit me causing my forehead to test the solidity of the steering wheel. To make matters worse as I got power and put my foot down the ride ended. SPEEEEEWWWWWWING.

Luckily we had a few tokens, so now it was payback.

I managed to nail a few people that got me, but it was all a hell of a lot of fun. At the end of that ride Jusso came running up to my car only to slip and go sliding past it again. I had an extra token so myself and another aussie decided to spend the rest of the ride driving backwards, which is no easy task after a few beers.

From there, and after a few more Jusso tumbles, we did what we promised we wouldn't do after 6 beers.


And to be precise....... my first ever roller coaster.

Jusso's got some footage of it, but it's pretty much sky, ground, sky ground, me going woooooo, f%$k yeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhh and repeat.

Somehow we weren't sick but I think it disorientated us a fair bit because it took us another 2 hours to get home to a place only 40 minutes away.

I got lost at the tube station trying to find the WC, while Jusso was cursing me for leaving him alone on the platform. We got off at the wrong bus stop and took the wrong road back to Larissa's, but we lucked out because when we called her she was at a friends house only 20 meters away.

The main thing is we got back alright..........

Mates share umbrella......only after lots of beers


Skevos said...

Jus, been in Hawai for month now, been surfing everyday almost twice a day at times. Good to see that your love of beer is still strong and your having a blast, with you and your crew in Munich I sure you will push up per capita beer consumption to an all time high. Give the standing wavw a go if you have your boards in munich it is locate in the park within munich. Heading to the north shore for my second tour of duty this weekend, waves are getting bigger and i will give pipe a go this time, keep safe and make sure you drinks heaps of water

Birdman said...

cheers skev, glad you're enjoying hawaii, I miss it like crazy.

Can you send me your email address, I've asked myles to when he gets back from bali.

I saw the standing wave, looks pretty cold though. Some made aussie went in with just board shorts, I think he's still searching for his testes.

Did I tell you I got published on Surfline? Go to the videos, under locals and check out the Puerto Escondido footage. I've got heaps more, but they were the barrels.

Be good, and keep up the surfing bruddah

Anonymous said...

nice one just checked out surfline legendary good mishism dude, nice barells.I saw you t-shirts as well I want one dude
Just finished a 3 hour session at a point break called fingures, just two people out i think I caught about 30 waves insane session, almost at barrel level just cant make it out!!!! secret is to go at lunch when all the locals are at work but on weekends it a rat race. email is business school rocks man I wish it was like this when I was at uni for 4 years getting a board shaped in hawaii anyways take care, and are you going to Mundaka Spain ?the championship may be decided there and mick fanning will br the first australian to win since occy in 1999. From Munich go to Bordau France (i think that is how you spell it) and from there to Bilbao Spain. Once in Bilbao go to the bus station and catch the bus to mundaka about 30-40 mins max it is on the way to San sebastian, make sure you go to a Champions Legue game too

Take care bro speak to you soon

Birdman said...

Mate, you're a legend, and I'll check out Mundaka, sounds like fun.