Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wicked Van to Edinburgh

I've just finished my second shift with the Revolution Bar.

Well actually you can't really call it a shift.

I got in there 40 minutes early for my training shift in a poor effort to try and make up for the fact that I was going to miss my 2nd and 3rd shift this weekend. Not much of an effort, but a token effort none the less.

Why wasn't I going to my shifts? Well that all came about a few days ago.

On the way back from Munich I spent 18 hours on a bus with Lana, Michaela, and Toni-Louise talking about music, food and poo......... and not necessarily in that order.

Every now and then the conversation strayed away from those topics, and one such time we strayed onto the topic of wicked vans. I explained How to get from Brisbane to Melbourne in 14 Days and they seemed to like the idea of road trips....... but who doesn't.

I suggested a trip through Europe in one of the vans and the girls were all over the idea like a fat kid on a smarty. I did some research on the cost for a trip over 40 days and came up with a plan, but travelling through Europe during winter is probably not a good an idea....... kind of like trying to invade Russia at the same time.

So a few days ago, after a fairly big night catching up with the girls on Saturday, the girls decided that a trip to Edinburgh in a wicked van would be a good idea. They booked 2 cars and organised 10 people, all of which could only go this weekend.... which of course meant that if I was going to go I'd have to give up my shifts at the pub.

Thankfully, the pub is an awesome bunch and said no problems to me having this weekend off. Of course it means that I'm going to be working most Friday and Saturday nights for the rest of the year, but I'm sure this weekend will make it all worth it.

Thankfully I've got a weekend to take off to go and see the Cat Empire in early December so that's going to be pretty cool (I might even try to get a filming gig there).

For now though, I'm off to bed to get some rest up for my second interview tomorrow afternoon. Which company? Where abouts? What am I doing? We'll see how the interview goes tomorrow before I answer those questions.

Look out for the "trip to Edinburgh" short clips to see how the trip went, they're sure to be a larf.

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