Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Years 2008

Happy New Years!

I was just going to leave this post at that first line, but I figured seeing as we're all reigning in a new year something more probably should be said of the situation.

It's about 11.15 New Years Eve and I've just convinced my gorgeous house mate Sarah (who is single by the way.... but you'd better be nice to her because I'm kind of protective) that I'm not going to head out tonight for the celebratory fun.

I wonder why that is though?

Why this year of all years should I not head out for a big night?

I've been telling everyone it is because I've been sick over the Christmas break and that another good nights sleep and a lazy day in bed will do me wonders to get back on top of things again. Of course, the other way of looking at it could be a social night out bathed in the warm glow of fireworks amongst the happy reveling crowds which could spark the life back in to me. But of course there's the risk of being out till 5pm tomorrow afternoon still drinking at a big New Years Day recovery session (how good was the cav that year!)

I'm definitely close to booking another trip over to Ireland for a few days this time with the two surfing maestro's which will be long stints on or near water in freezing conditions, so I want to be fully fit for that when it occurs. Could that be it as well?

I shouldn't forget either that 12 months earlier we were all struggling to keep our eyes open in Torquay at the house. It wasn't until we started up a game of taboo between the sexes at the back table we were able to make it through to till the am (although me and the rest of the boys still think the girls were cheating, there's no other reason why they could have possibly won by that margin).

This year New Years Eve falls on the biggest year of my life to date. I've seen more of the world, learnt more about other cultures and myself, and have made more friends and close family then I ever thought was possible.

New Years Eve is a night to celebrate the past year, be thankful for what you've accomplished and look forward to new beginnings. The strange thing is that while I have been travellling just about every day has had that outlook.

In the end I think it is a culmination of all these things which have kept me quiet for this new years...............and I couldn't be more happy than this if I tried.

So from me, thank you to everyone that helped me out in 2007! You know exactly who you are, and I thank you thank you thank you! With out you there is no way that I would be at this situation right now (and that's a good thing).

It's now 11.51 (see, it might not seem like it sometimes but I do actually put some thought into these posts) and I'm about to flick the light off. I'm sure my house mates will be in to wake me when they get back, but for now another BIG ..........



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