Thursday, January 10, 2008

London to Newquay

After enduring a 15 minute phone call with a painful echo that went something along the lines of

"Ask him for his departure station"
"What is your departure station"
"Ask him which day he wishes to depart"
"Which day do you wish to depart"
"Ask him what time he wants to depart"
"What time would you like to depart"
"Ask him where he wants to go"
"Where would you like.........

and so on and so forth for EVERY possible detail of the trip. Thorough yes, required.... not really. I suppose I was a little annoyed because I had already been through this with the online booking system 5 times only to find that at the last stage the system could not book the tickets because of 1 of 17 possible errors with the site.

Hmmmmm, helpful? I think not.

The reason all these questions weren't required was based on the fact that I had completed this 5 times already and new the exact departure time place, arrival time, connecting stations and even the name of the driver for the trip..... and I explained all of these things as soon as the first question was asked.

But the guy was new and I suppose he had to learn how to cover all the bases at some stage, not everyone would be calling up thinking they know everything about a trip.

The good news is that I'm booked in and am finally going to make it over to Newquay for the weekend where I'll catch up with the boys and get some more filming done.

I arrive on the Friday night and I'm not due to head off until Monday afternoon so there's plenty of time to get all the shots and make sure that I kick up my feet and relax in one of the laziest towns in the UK.


Skevos said...

looks life surf is going of in the UK at the moment. Take care in with the tow ins. Have just 9 days in Hawaii left North Shore too big 30ft++ so dont like my chances of surifng it unless I have a death wish, infact i dont think the life savers are letting many people in the water they stop 700 people from entering yesterday. Anyways post some more surf footage on surfline speak to you soon and take care

Birdman said...

Hey Skev, I can't believe your time in Hawaii is coming up...... I'm keen to head back from December this year and catch a big swell (to film of course).

Looks like 25-30ft on Sunday so should get some good stuff. I'll be out there but on a boat or back of a jetski with the trusty camera in hand.

Will have some new footage for you soon, hopefully will be putting a short DVD together too.

See you at Playgrounds in July!!!