Sunday, April 06, 2008

Ski the Dream - Snowing in London

Kita woke me up this morning with "Quick get up get up, you have to see this, quick!!!"

I thought one of my house mates had fallen asleep on the kitchen floor after they had quite a big night last night, but it was even better.


Mark the date, the 6th April is the first time I have even been in, and seen snow falling!

Excited I raced outside to take a picture before realising I had only a pair of thai fishing pants to protect me from the elements.

A few pictures later the video camera came out.......... it's almost as if a child was born.

I walked down to the tube stop with Kita fully kitted out in my winter gear with thongs, socks, fishing pants and jumper.

I even made a snowball and threw it down the road (I always thought they'd be light a fluffy, but those things are going to leave a mark if they hit you), and have made another one to show my flat mates but they're all suffering from a hangover.

Kita outside the Clapham North Tube Stop

Me outside the Clapham North Tube stop

Snow filled park on the walk home

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