Saturday, April 05, 2008

St Patrick's Day

I had a pretty good nights sleep so was up early and went for a wander through the city of Galway while I left Kita, Danni and Gary to sleep off their hangovers. The city was pretty quiet at 8am on the biggest day of the year, and judging by the shenanigans that went on the night before I could certainly understand why.

The day kicked off for everyone a few hours later with a bacon and egg breakfast............ just what you need to get ready for a overwhelming day of celebrations.

Sarah led us down the street to watch the parade and we were shortly joined by Jimmy before we headed to the Dew Drop to have our first.............. coffee.

Galway St Patricks Parade

With the Coffee quickly downed we quickly chased it with a Guinness (except for Danni and Kita nuring hangovers, started off with powerades). The National Hurling Championships were on the TV so as everyone left to head up to the Kings Head, Ant and I watched the first half of the game and talked about........ sport and girls.

Coffee in the morning at the Dew Drop

According to Ant there were no good looking girls in all of Ireland, and seeing as I've seen the Corr's on telly I assured him there were. This sparked an all day event with us trying to find good looking Irish girls that didn't have straightened hair or a fake tan. Normally I would have thought this would be quite simple, but damn do the Irish LOVE straightened hair and fake tans.

Gary, Marie and Me

We managed to get the count to two, but it was through a lot of "Are you Irish?" "Your hair looks amazing, what's your secret?" and "Have you just been on holiday somewhere sunny?"

The whole day was absolutely fantastic with friendly Irish, good friends and fantastic Guinness.

Dani and Kita enjoying a pint of Guinness

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Anonymous said...

Hi Justin, It's Bernadette Harrison from Power and Water (or I used to be Bern from Power and Water). Glad you had a great St Patrick's Day in Galway. Jeff and I had a great St. Patrick's day in Dublin. How bizarre we were in the same country at the same time. Send me an email when you can to keep me posted on your travels. We went up to Darwin weekend of 1st June for Kathryn Greenup's wedding (caught up with Nutsy). We had forgotten how just how dry and dusty Darwin was in the dry. Have to admit it was good to get back on the plane to head back to Mackay (where we living now). I would say "hope you are having a great time" but that appears pretty bloody obvious :)

Take care