Monday, April 14, 2008

Universal Studios Los Angeles

Today was one of the more action packed days of this trip so far.

After a bit of breakfast at Starbucks I caught up with Al, Cotty and Kelly and headed off towards Universal Studios.

I wasn't all that keen to head to the movie lot, but I'm really glad I did now.

We parked up and wandered up to the gates where we had the option of going for regular admission or VIP at twice the price. We queried the guy whether or not it was worth paying the extra, and he said the lines were long and because we were only starting at 1pm it was worth it.

Ahhh, what would he know, he only works there.

We headed in with the regular ticket, and by 6pm we had done Water World, Studio Tour, Jurassic Park, Back Draft, The Mummy, Shrek 4D, House of Horrors, Special Effects and the Blues Brothers. We only missed out on Terminator and Animal Actors, which no one was too keen on anyway.

The longest time we spent in line was for the Shrek 4d ride, and that was about 7 minutes.

Unnnnnluuucky to anyone that bought the VIP tickets.

The day was great with warmth, sunshine, and lots and lots of laughter.

In all my time I have never seen someone so scared of theme park ride, or during a haunted house, but it provided with tear stained cheek laughter.

We rounded the day off with a massage at an oxygen bar before heading down Sunset Boulavard where I could see what LA was all about...... which isn't too much at all, but I think it's just because I prefer the coastline.

Tomorrow morning it's up at 7 and off for a surf with Cotty, Al, Kelly, Duncan and Hannah before they head back home and I continue the journey on down to San Diego and park back up and my favourite bar Tiny's Tavern in Ocean Beach.


Anonymous said...

i am really starting to hate you big time, infact I am plotting your death as we speak. Sounds like a dream but your living it, good luck to you dude make sure you get a sesh in with kelly in the water and wish him all the best for #9 (i've got money on him :)).Havent surfed for 3 months now and its killing me indo is just around the corner. Take care man speak to you soon

Birdman said...

Don't hate me too much mate, Kelly is Al's girl friend and not the all time god of surfing.

Lots of cool stories for you mate, see you in July for an early version on September Sessions.

Anonymous said...

A re Justin, you lucky bastard. I was going to wish ou well, but looks like you don't need any luck.

I can't wait to go to Indo this year, were heading to Lakey Peak for 5 days as well as 5 Days in Lembongan and of course one week in Bali.

All the best and run amuck