Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Darwin Surf Report

We've always looking in two or three different places to get a good picture about how the surf is going to be because it's not the kind of place that is ever going to get featured on something like Magic Seaweed or Surfline.

After a bit of tweaking I managed to pull down the virtual buoy reports and the latest tide guides onto a single page which will be known as the Darwin Surf Report.

If it proves to be useful I will mash up a few more surf spots from around the place, but don't be alarmed there won't be directions to any of your secret spots, just an idea as to how the surrounding conditions are at any point in time.

Let me know if it needs anything else.......


seano said...

why havent you listed nightcliff beach and casuarina beach. I have seen stand-up short makeable barrels at night cliff!!and cas beach can produce good beachies as well.

Birdman said...

Hey Seano,

The tide chart on the Darwin Surf Report, is set for Casuarina Beach, but the virtual bouy reading is from NW of Darwin, just short of Melville Island.

You're right, Nightcliff and Cas beach offer some good surf in the right conditions (although I haven't seen it as good as you mention since Thelma in 1998).

Keep an eye out for a swell coming in the next few days. It's moving across the top of the NT and the tides are looking good for next weekend.