Sunday, December 07, 2008

Waiting for the surf to come

When you live in Darwin you do a lot of waiting for surf, and this year it seems like we're going to be waiting a lot longer then normal.

The storms are beginning to come in a little more frequently, but we are still waiting for the low pressure system to move through the north west waters and get the swell hight a little higher.

As time drags on before the first session I'm finding myself surfing the net a LOT more, and spending more time writing some other more pointless blogs (yes, even more so then this one).

Today I came across a great t-shirt design from titled Strange Aquatic.

And if you want to learn some pointless information each day you can head on over to the Nugget of Knowledge, and if you find that you've learnt something that is worthy of going up feel free to send me an email or post it on the comments.

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