Monday, December 15, 2008

Taking forever to review Europe summer footage

I've been really lazy when it comes to reviewing my footage from the 3 month mid year trip.

It took me 4/5 nights to go through and capture all the footage on to an external hard drive, and since then I haven't been bothered to go through and start labeling footage.

After 6 weeks of non-stop afternoon beers at the pub with workmates, and an extra 8kg put on since the trip abroad, I'm going to forego the pub and instead hit the world of video production again to get sorted.

Of course, I need a bit of a plan to make this all come together so I know exactly how I'm going to tackle the footage, work out the sound track, and get the general flow of the short movie.

Alright then.

Tonight I will go to the pub with the boys for a bit of a brain storming session to find out how I'm going to tackle this project before I launch into the no drinking.

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