Monday, February 02, 2009

Snow in London

Yet again I take another giant step away from life as it were in Darwin.

On the walk up to the pub for a sunday roast and a pint it started to snow.  How beautiful, yet very cold, it was to walk along in the gentle falling snow.

When I awoke this morning things had changed a little.

As I opened the curtains to look out over the back yard all I could see was a white blanket of snow covering the world.

On the roof terrace sat about 8 inches of overnight snow, and in the front yard there was eight inches of snow ready to soak into my new grandpa slippers for my walk to work.

Compared to rain, snow is so much better to walk to work in.

I'm without my camera cable at the moment, but there will be a series of pictures put up this evening when I get home.

Simply beautiful.

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