Thursday, September 07, 2006

One Step Forward.........

.........and two bloody steps back.

It appears that my body is not designed to do itself any favours.

After a week of swimming, running, riding, meditation, yoga and vegetarianism (is that a word?) I've just endured a week of late nights, too much alcohol, not enough sleep and hotdogs.

We celebrated the birth of the first Lamberton boy last night, congratulations go out to Paul for breaking the 3 birth girl streak. A few quiet drinks turned into quite a few drinks, as to be expected from the Lamberton brothers, and while I'm not feeling the effects of the alcohol I most certainly am feeling the effects of 3 hours sleep.

At the moment I'm doing my utmost to try and focus on the task at hand but my mind keeps wandering off to say "Aren't you tired" "You really should get some sleep" "Why aren't we sleeping now" "You know 3 hours isn't enough sleep" "I wonder why they decided to make DVD's 4.7 Gig"

I think I'll take an early mark from the day and put my mind, and eyes, to rest.

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