Tuesday, September 12, 2006

86 Days 7 Hours and 51 Minutes

The trip is getting closer but I don't seem to be getting any fitter. In fact I think it's quite the opposite.

You know what it's like................ There's something on the horizon that you know you should be getting ready for, but it's still fare enough away to procrastinate the preparation. Next thing you know it's two weeks away, you're still 5 Kg over weight and the only fitness you have is the inability to fit into a pair of jeans.

So take II.....

I went for a run yesterday from work to the gym and nearly died (still it's much better then swimming). The weather in Darwin is strage at the moment. It's warm, very warm, but the air is still cold and dry (sounds strange hey). This leaves you sweating to death WHILE your lungs burn from the cold dry air.

Once at the gym, and 8 mouthfuls of water later, I was ready.

I have a thing about exercise though, and that is every time I try to get into I throw my back out. Not just a strain either, it's 2 weeks off work with daily physiotherapy, then back to 2 weeks of half days with physiotherapy twice a week. Then of course the sciatica kicks in, and for those of you that might share this condition, I share your pain.

Now the first 6 weeks of my gym routine is structured around core stability. I use a cut out core strength exercise routine from a Mens Health Magazine (or CLEO for me as my female friends have pointed out on more then one occasion).

While I was there I (stupidly) checked to see how close to my goal I had got and........................... 86KG. Yes, I've managed to inch further away from my target!

No more procrastinating


Skye said...


So, what's the count now? Have you managed anymore runs?

Skye said...


I was watching a documentary the other night about frogs that are taking over most of Australia, except Darwin somehow has managed to put a "natural" barrier around itself to stop the encroachment. Is this for real or are they just trying to pull one over on someone who will most likely never make it to Oz?