Sunday, September 24, 2006

Surf Spot Maps

I've been reading through my Wave-finder Australia book to find a couple of new breaks to surf during my trip down the east and onto the south coast of Australia.

I think the book is amazing, but it started me thinking about other ways to share this information. Fortunately I had recently been part of a review panel for the advantages and disadvantages of using Google Earth as a work application.

I suggested perhaps look at Google Maps because it is less taxing on the bandwidth and does not require any 3rd party software to be loaded for use.

I've been fooling around with the API for a few hours and have so far developed something which I think is the beginning of something useful. I've created these Surf Maps on my footage site, only because it's more of a test site for template changes.

If it's successful or people find it useful I'll migrate it to this site, and who knows I might even take it out of a blog and make it a site of it's own.

Please take a look at the Surf Maps and let me know if you find them helpful, or something else that could be added for ease of use. Click on the HYBRID buttons for Fingal, Pottsville and Cabarita for a better look (the others have poor photo's of the areas).

I'm only going to be using spots that I have previously been to or have been told about by friends, and the descriptions of the surf spots will be either my own or of friends.


Skye said...

Ummmmmmm...I think it would be more useful to me if I actually knew anything about surfing, other than what I learned from the Gidget movies. They were chockful of info like, how it's a good way to pick up chicks and that surfers go by odd names like Moondoggie (and apparantly Birdman *smirk*).

Birdman said...

Yeah, I can't really surf or play the guitar, I just carry the board and guitar case to impress chicks ;)

Strangely enough the nickname came about when I played cricket.