Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Google Map Surf Spots

I'm thinking about adding a Surf Spots section to my film and other blog site. What it would effectively do is show the surf spots that I have found during my travels through Europe, Bali, East Coast of Australia, Mexico etc etc.

I would also plot places to sleep, sources of water, nice views, and interesting places.

It's basically a guide to where I've been and how I've done it, so someone doesn't have to spend the 30 minutes extra driving around trying to find a free parking area at 10pm when they've been driving for 12 hours on a hangover........... not that I ever had to do that ;)

My main concern is that occasionally people have been upset about my directions to certain spots, even after they've been searching for the spot, found it, and then are upset that they've found it..........

Here's an example of what I mean from google maps and tiny url of the surf spots in Baleal, Portugal.
Does anyone have any thoughts?


Kara said...

Dude do it, I am totally up for saving time, fuel and money and imagine I am not the only person like that out there.

Anonymous said...

good idea on facilities and places to sleep, but the surf spots maybe you need to think about it 1. Discovering it yourself is fun and part of the adventure 2. Local surfers I dont think would appreciate the directions to "their" spots


Birdman said...

Sounds like it will be a goer, but leaving the surf spots out for now. A lot of the places I've recently been visiting have miles and miles of beach breaks, so depending on the shifting sands, tides, swell direction etc etc there's always going to be an element of search involved.