Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pint after work

The mood is set.

You've had a long long day at work.

In fact, you've had four long day's at work.

You know that tomorrow is Friday and you can unwind then, but that's my time! Why should work frustrations encroach on my time. It's okay though, the bad day is over and you're on the way to the pub..... albeit after the sun has long since gone down.

You pass a few windows with the lights still on and laugh to yourself, "ha, that was me yesterday".

You reach your local and, even though you've missed happy hour by 3 hours, you're ready to enjoy the beer you've been looking forward to since brushing your teeth yesterday morning.

You find a seat at the bar, get served first, and it's by the cute barmaid that hasn't been there in a month! Could life get any better!!!!

As you pick up your pint to take that long awaited and well deserved first sip, the song changes. You hadn't even noticed there was any music playing up to that point.....

It's one of those songs from your earlier years, during your hay day. The one that reminds you of good times and great friends. The one that you love to sit back, listen, and reminince about the good ol' days of 8 years ago.

You close your eyes, put the pint to you lips and let your mind cast back to that time when you were........

**click** **click** **click**

Wait a minute. That's not my song any more.

The now much less cute barmaid has skipped your song. Your song!

Your opportunity to sit back and reminisce has now been skipped along to "Man Eater". And not the Hall & Oats version. I could deal with the Hall and Oats version. She's skipped it for the Nelly Furtado version! If that isn't bad enough it's followed up with ABBA's "Waterloo".

There's nothing left to do except put your pint down and think about how lucky those people still at work really are.........

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