Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Summer Films pick up Ireland Big Wave footage

I received an email this morning confirming that Summer Films are going to use one of the waves I filmed of Al Mennie surfing in last years huge swell that hit Mullaghmore in Ireland in their upcoming episode of Gethin Jones Danger Hunters.

The show is set to air on Wednesday 29th October at 9pm on Virgin 1, but apparently they're having a few problems securing the spot so keep your eyes out.

It's always the way though, you get some footage wave published on television and I'll be sitting in cattle class on the way back to Australia while it airs..........

One of the coolest bits is I'll get recongnition in the credits for the footage!  Hooray!  Only my name though so I can't blatently try and push my website link.  Spewing.

If you do happen to come across the website and are in the market for a water videographer just leave and comment............

In fact, I've managed to build up a very small but growing list of events that I've filmed and footage that has been used further on.

Events include Fot Sun Festival, 28 Days gig, The Beautiful Girls gig, Nightclub Dancers promotion, Leo and Yam Acrobatic displays, Margaret River Pro WQS Surfing Competition, Mullaghmore Ireland, Pamplona Running of the Bulls, Peurto Escondido (coming soon...)...... and more

...of which the footage was used in Billabong XXL Awards, Gethin Jones Danger Hunters, BBC regional news, Wicked Campers (Edinburgh, Ireland & Pamplona), Oneil Europe Marketing, Surfline Locals Video..... and more.

It might be time that I started to keep a list of these over on the other site........... something to do when I get home tonight.

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