Sunday, September 09, 2007

Arriving in London

I've finally made it out of the America's and am sitting in the livingroom with Rol's and Rich while we watch episode after episode of 24.

We've decided that Sunday will be a lazy day, especially seeing as I did the full tour of London yesterday thanks to Rol's.

I managed to fit in the Tower Bridge, London Tower, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, the Royal Justice Courts, Thames, Covent Gardens, Westminster Abby, St James Palace, St James Park, Lincolns Inn and the British Museum........ and we found a pub to watch Australia beat the crap out of Japan.

Tomorrow I'm heading in to town with Rol's to get a mobile phone, bank account and start sorting out some work. I'm beginning to realise that the pound is going to make VERY short work of the cash reserves I have, so I best start earning it pretty soon.

Roland and I catch up for our first beer in over 10 months

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Anonymous said...


I'm a bit jealous, I'd love to be havin a beer with you and Rols in a good old Pommie pub! New York sounded great, hope you manage to enjoy the Mother Country, don't work too hard mate! And say G'day to Rols for me.

Stay safe.