Thursday, September 20, 2007

Heading to Ireleand

As usual the start to the trip has been quite entertaining.

I packed up my things from Walpole road and said goodbye to Rol's and my new friends and head off to meet Jusso and Prue at Clapham Junction.

Once I got there a lady walked up and through her bag onto the ground next to me. Doesn't seem very weird, but here's a few pointers to get your mind on what this girl was like.

Firstly, she had a flat bottle of vodka that cost 2 pound which she was swigging, she was smoking even through there was a strict no smoking rule on the platform, as she approached her jeans were hanging halfway down her thighs (her tracky dacks must've been in the wash) and she randomly swore at the train for being late.

I just smiled as she made eye contact, she smiled back, and that was the last time I looked in her direction.

Jusso and Prue turned up as more and more people arrived at the platform. Apparently there was a security scare at one of the terminals, so none of the regular trains were arriving at Clapham.

Eventually, 45 minutes late and looking much like the train trip for Cardiff, the train arrived and we squeezed on board.

The next issue was when we got to the checkout counter at Gatwick. I was of the understanding that the 10 pound extra I paid for having the guitar allowed me to take it on the plane. WRONG! I had to check the guitar on as luggage. No problems, but it's the first time I've ever done it with that guitar, so as I write this 30000 feet above the ground I've got my toes crossed that it gets there alright (I had my fingers crossed but it made it a bitch to type).

Next up was Jusso. Bag on the scale, 19 kg. Thanks for coming, that'll be 40 pound for excess weight, 10 for each kilo. So Jusso went through his bag, put one pair of shoes in my bag (I had to take mine around to oversize checkin because of the guitar) and another pair in his carry on.

Actually, I'm only just realising this now, but he's wearing a pair of shoes, one pair in my bag and another in his day pack. Who needs 3 pairs of shoes? I'm not even wearing shoes.

But I digress.

Jusso put the bag back on the scale and the guy let it go at 16kg.

Next up was Prue.

When she booked her flight she wasn't going to take a bag. I don't know too many 20 year old girls that can travel to another country with just a carry on bag, but I was impressed with her effort.

Of course, she ended up bringing a bag so she had to line up at another counter to pay for the luggage, then head back to check in before they would issue her with a ticket.

But after 3 small issues we had our boarding passes an headed off to security and get a coffee.

Jusso grabbed us some coffee's and we sat down and talked about the trip, what we were going to do, some new ideas for Shag's back home, whether we were bum or boob guys, usual small chit chat.

All of a sudden Jusso realised the time, it was 1515 and our plane departed at 1525.


We ran down the stairs, through the corridors for about 800 meters to check in just as the doors were closing and for them to tell us the obvious, that we were the last passengers on the plane.

I don't mind running 800 meters, just not with a 15 kg backpack on.

I should have learned that I need to get out the front of the gate as soon as I get my boarding pass, this is becoming a regular occurrence.

For now, we're all on the plane and have a spare seat next to each of us. I even got one in the emergency exit.......... which kind of makes me think that there's a good chance that I'll have to do something. Oh well, at least I'm the first one out of the plane (once I push the older lady sitting by the window to one side...... kidding).

I'm a bit excited now. My first Guinness in Ireland is just hours away. Minutes even if they have a tap at the airport.

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