Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Just an update on this post, everything is alright and no one is too worried. In fact, only Rol's is affected but has cancelled all his cards and has ordered another drivers license from Aus. It's been good actually, because of it Cress cooked an awesome Lasagne to make rol's feel better, and we get to have some (unless Roland ate all the pies, you fat bastard you fat.....)
Another plus was that I stayed at home all day and got my resume sorted out for IT, oh and the Police that came over....... the chicks were HOT, well at least one of them was super hot, the other one was just okay...... we'll call her Roland's girl. Sorry Rol's, bad day and you're still copping it (copping...copper...cop...ahhh forget it)

Don't worry, nothing toooooo nasty (except for Roland's stuff).

Last night someone broke into the place I'm staying at and swipped Rol's phone, wallet and keys.

At the moment the police are checking the door for finger prints (and one of them is a babe!), but the only prints they've found are our own. Hmmm, do you think they'll arrest us and deport us back to Australia again?

It seems pretty funny that after travelling through America, Central America and London the only place that I haven't been robbed was in Mexico and Nicaragua.

In America I had some stuff swiped from the hostels I was staying at, and now this in London. I know it's just random occurances, but it goes to show you that Mexico is not the incredibly dangerous place that people build it up to be. Sure, you have to be careful, but no less then staying in any big city around the world.

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