Friday, September 28, 2007

Train bound for Munich

Die Bahn train number01 805 194 195

If I've learned anything in life I should have known not to say it.

When your AFL team is 23 points up with 3 minutes to go, do you say you've got a certain win?

When South Africa has to score over 400 runs to win a One Day game do you say "it can't be done" and head to bed?

When you're out for a few beers on a sunday afternoon do you turn to your friend and say for the amount of beer you've drunk you feel pretty sober?

When you're driving the ball well in golf do you say "geez I haven't sliced/hooked a single ball today"?


You don't say a single word. Why? Because your team goes down by a point, South Africa do it with easy, you end up blind drunk and you couldn't throw the ball down the fairway straight.

So why oh why did I say to Jusso this morning that we've got nothing to worry about for this trip to Germany.

We managed to get up on time, catch the cab with no problems, pass through security without any beeps, boarded the plane on time for a change, and the plane arrived in Frankfurt without any problems............. Frankfurt Ham.

We estimated that it would take about 30 minutes to get through customs and get to the train station, and I was even carefull and booked the train a full hour after we arrived in Frankfurt.

Unfortunately Frankfurt is not Frankfurt Ham. Frankfurt Ham is no where near Franfurt.

Which means it's no where near the train station.

Which means we've got nothing to worry about actually translates to being an hour and a half late for the train bound for Munich.

It's not all bad though. We can get on any train for the day, and my couch surfer Larissa has sent her numbers and has borrow a car to come and collect us from the train station.

We've also managed to back up (finally) from the thursday, friday, saturday, sunday night session in Dublin. But as usual, that's for another post.

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