Sunday, September 23, 2007

Must See in Mexico - Part 2

I've decided that my second must see entry will be all about Surfing thanks to one of my videos making it up on surfline. Thanks to Surfline for putting it up there, and please make sure you check it out (link is at the bottom of this post).

I've made very short notes on each of them, but if you want to know more click on the titles to head to a previous post with a bit more detail.

Oh, and don't forget to check out the previous part, Must See in Mexico - Part 1.

  1. San Juanico - Scorpion Bay
    Scorpion Bay was the first place that we managed to get a surf in Mexico. As we travelled down the Pacific Coast we were greeted by flat condition after flat condition.

    When we arrived here (after a long drive over graded road) and was happy to see a wave breaking, albeit a very small wave and ideal for the longboard.

    This is a must stop place, and if you're after a good coffee and internet don't forget to head up to see Dustin Smith at Point Surf Baja

  2. Puerto Escondido
    This place is awesome, so very very relaxing and a great wave.......... to watch from the beach. The wave here is called the Mexican Pipeline, and for good reason. There are several breaks nearby which are more for the beginners like myself, but I had a lot more fun catching these guy's on film. To check out the film head over to Surfline

  3. Barra De La Cruz
    This hosted the "Somewhere in Mexico" tour last year as part of the WCT. The wave is consistant and the place is beautiful, but be warned that if you sit on the shoulder and wait for someone to let you have a wave you're just not going to get one.
    The guys and gals that surf here are good!

  4. Sayulita
    Sayulita is growing bigger and bigger each year, but the roads are still dirt and it's off the beaten track a little. The wave there is small but very consistent, I'm sure it gets much bigger but at least you're nearly always guaranteed a wave.

  5. Playa Bruja
    This place is about 15 minutes north of Mazatlan. The break, while not really big, is consistent and there isn't that many people out there first thing in the morning.

    The restaurant do great meals and reasonable priced drinks, makes it a great place to surf a few sessions and chill out for a day.
For those of you that scrolled straight to the bottom, here is the link to the Surfline video that I filmed in Puerto Escondido

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