Wednesday, August 01, 2007


We just arrived at the Posada San Pablo in Guatalajra after picking up Lize from the airport.

The pickup didn't go as smoothly as it could have, it wasn't like LIze was at the front with her bag waiting, but it could have been much worse.

Bags was driving, I was sleeping in the back, Vinni was directing from the passenger seat and Holly was squeezed in the back letting me sleep.

Bags sent Vinni off to find Lize first, then after a few minutes sent Holly off to find her too. Rather then send me off and have all 5 of us lost in the airport we hung out for a couple of minutes and all the girls came back safe and sound.

Sweet!!! Now I'm back to 4 girls in the car. SCORE!!!!!!

There was a bit of trouble getting to the hotel, but we got there more or less in good time.

The drive down to the Guadalajra from Sayulita was really nice. We drove through the hills of mainland mexico and were amazed about the contrast between here and Baja. In Baja there is lots of bridges with no water, dust throughout, it's hot and the only vegetation to be seen are the cacti. In Mainland there are forests stretching up the mountains, rivers flowing under the bridges, and a plague like swarm of black butterflies as we twisted and turned through the mountainess roads.

Sayulita was beautiful. A great wave, even on a small swell.

The wave is a right hander, but apparently there is a left and right peak futher down the beach but it was too small to surf while we were there.

There can be a bit of time between sets, sometimes waiting more then 20 minutes for them to roll through, but when they arrive it's a really fun nice wave.

There is a fish taco place there which was GREAT!!!! Lonely Planet says they have some of the best tacos in Mexico, and that's a pretty fair statement.

We stayed at a place called Las Gravis Bungalows which was really nice. Rooms had a double bed and a shared toilet and shower and it was only 1/2 a block from the beach, and more importantly the main surf break.

Below the bungalows is an argentinian resteraunt with very resonable prices. I think we've become accustomed to cheap food because if we see anything for over 100 peso's we turn out nose, but really it's only $10. The Flat Steak and the Rib Eye (I didn't have both, honest) we're great, as was the spinich and goat cheese salad.

We spent two nights in Sayulita and could have easily spent longer, it has a really nice chilled vibe to the place and an amazing sunset.

We had a surf at sunrise on the last morning before heading off to Guadalarja to pick up Lize.

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