Monday, August 27, 2007

Heading to Nicaragua

Well, now that I don't have the girls with me I only have to organise myself.

And with that, I've become a little bit more relaxed. Perhaps a little too relaxed.

Arriving in Miami I thought I'd get a bite to eat and see if I could get on the internet. Although they give you free wireless in Cancun they make you pay for it here. Oh well, I wandered off to get some money out and noticed that they had a post office, spewing I'd already checked my bags with the presents for people at home in them.

I grabbed the August edition of the National Geographic, it's got an article on the Mayan's and was sold out throughout Mexico.

Stood in line for a while to get my carry on checked and rocked up to gate D31.

Flight to Managua............. Departed.


Surely that someone with a connecting flight would be called over the loud speaker to catch their plane.

Surely not.


Oh well, I'm booked on the place tomorrow morning at 10.45, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to spend the night in the airport so that I'm sure I'll make the flight tomorrow. It means that I'll get in to Managua and can pretty much catch the bus straight out to Rivas to catch up with Sherri.

I've decided to pay for the 24 hours access to the internet, I suppose I'll need it now. I have to find a power plug around here somewhere though, and they won't let me back in to where I saw some until I get the boarding pass tomorrow morning.

Ha ha, I just heard a boarding call for someone to get to the gate for their flight, why them and not me.


Again, it's always about the journey, never the destination. Time to start brushing up on my Mayan knowledge.

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