Monday, August 20, 2007

Hurricane Dean

We gave this some thought and have come up with following plan.

Tulum is on the coast and the ruins have existed for hundreds of years and seen many hurricanes. Also, having grown up in Darwin I know that when there is a cyclone around there will be surf....

Knowing these two things we´re heading off to Tulum to stay in the ruins and catch a few waves a Hurricane Dean hits the coast.

A few other things happened today as well. While we were at the ruins in Uxmal I came across a talking bat in one of the temple rooms, and off to the side of that was a money tree which gave us a gibillion dollars. When we left we saw a giant pig flying in circles around the main temple, it was cool.

Okay, we didn´t really see a flying pig, or a money tree (damn it) or a talking bat.............. and we´re sure as shit not going anywhere near the coast for a category 4 hurricane.

We´re staying in Merida while the hurricane hits, and have lots of food and water just in case. Fingers crossed that it won´t do any damage, but if so we will re think our trip up to Cancun.


Kate said...

VERY FUNNY JUSTIN!! I nearly didn't finish reading your blog.. I nearly went straight to GMail to tell you how dumb I thought you were being!! Stay Safe... please. xx Love Kate.

Skevos said...

you are so lucky to have gone to the rip curl wave, nice set up mate did you get to stay there long? Anyways make sure you get to the coast two day after the cyclone hits to get epic swell
all the best