Sunday, August 05, 2007

Morelia to Paracho via Patzcuaro

We left Morellia in the morning, and quite unlike us we managed to leave at a reasonable time and by 11 we were entering the town of Patzcuaro.

Patzcuaro is a little town that lies in between Morellia and Uruapan and on the edge of the largest lake in Mexico.

The town is gorgeous with cobble stone roads and two large market areas at either end of town. We wandered through the markets, an elderly lady tried to sell me a spinning top and then caught me in a finger trap which I ended up buying from her.

The girls bought some bags, head band and jewelry before we all wandered down to get some breakfast. The breaky was great, and what made it that little bit extra special were the two kids that came up to play some music for us while we ate.

Patzcuaro Singers

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We checked out the Cathedral in Patzcuaro and it seemed to be a baptism day. There was a family of 5, Father carrying a baby, Mother, Son and Daughter walking on their knees down the centre of the church towards the alter, while another family was ascending the stairs (with baby) I can only imagine after doing the same, and at the same time there was yet another family descending the stairs on the left with another baby before leaving the Cathedral. It was a pretty amazing sight for me, so I decided that taking out the camera at that stage would be in poor taste so no pictures.

We checked out some more of the town and came across the library with a huge mural in the back.

After spending some time in admiration of the mural, and a bit of time on the internet we returned to the car to push on towards Paracho.
Side view of the Mural

One of the funny, yet dangerous, parts of the next journey was on the road towards Paracho.

While Lize, Vinni and Holly were in the back of the car taking a nap (insert photo) Bags and I were laughing and how dangerous the roads were.

Dangerous Road

The Girls Nap

In a two lane highway, one in each direction, I passed cars three wide heading the opposite direction. Not too bad, a little pushed to the right hand side, but still in one piece.

Then we came across the sign that said "Cars with no brakes follow the red line"............... as if it were a common occurrence. Well the red line was firmly in the middle of Chrissy for most of that drive before it veered off to the right to an uphill gravel pit.

We had another couple incidents of overtaking trucks heading up hill and around corners, but it was fine (did I mention it was raining as well???).

We've been walking around Paracho for the past few hours eating honey joys (at least something similar), corn, taco's, custard/doughnuts, nuts, prunes, dates and anything else being sold on the street.

I'm going to have a great time tomorrow, I'm going guitar shopping and there are about 15 guitar shops that I've already seen on 2 streets.

The festival starts tomorrow and well, and our hotel is just around the corner from the main street.

It's shaping up to be a pretty good next couple of days.

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