Saturday, August 04, 2007


The drive to Morelia was great. We made pretty good time, and I was pushing it a bit when it came to fuel consumption, but the road was great and we made pretty good time.

The landscape here on the mainland is a dramatic turnaround, from the sandy desert to the muddy rain forrest.

We decided, well Holly and I did while the others slept, to head to Morelia before going on to Uruapan and Paracho.

Actually it was a team effort, we talked about what was there and the girls crammed in the back voted for the shortest route. Good call.

Morelia is FANTASTIC!!! It's the capital city of Michogan and is one of the prettiest places I've ever been (so basically prettier the Darwin and Alice Springs).

Across the road from our hotel was a beautiful park with a fountain where I hung out for an hour strumming away.

The girls hit the city, and I wandered in a little bit afterwards on my own. That particular night there was a convention of 2000 teachers, and there was also a huge fireworks display at the Cathedral.

I spent about 30 minutes inside the Cathedral looking at the artwork and architecture.

It was a strange thing though, the longer I spent inside the Cathedral the more I got the feeling of pain and suffering around me. There were lots of people coming in to the Cathedral to pray, some sad, some sombre, some weeping, and the longer I was in there the more I got that feeling of a heavy heart.

Once I left the Cathedral I wandered around the corner and stumbled across a couple of guys playing the guitar on stage and hung around for a couple of songs before the fireworks display got my attention as sparks rained down over the two 70 metre high bell towers.

I stopped in to a couple of other areas after the show, a market, a warehouse which looked like something that Che Gravera was worshipped and then headed back to our hotel by the park.

In the morning we are off of Paracho for the National Guitar Festival.

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