Friday, August 10, 2007

Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido Surf Footage Mexican Pipeline

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After leaving Paracho we had a long and very slow drive through Acupulco and down onto Puerto Escondido.

We spent the night at a place called Pie de la castala which was a little on the dodgy side.

When we arrived a guy was whistling at Bags to come down the street, and we all know how much girls love to be whistled at, Surprisingly Bag's took the turn and drove down to the beach where Freddy greeted us and showed the girls the two sleeping options.

While the girls were gone I was only offered drugs 3 times. Twice for weed and once for coke. This went a little towards my feeling of dodginess of the area.

When the girls returned we took the room closest to the beach and I must say that Freddy and the young girl did a really great job of preparing the room and to make sure that we felt comfortable, although they did freak us out a little telling us that we shouldn't go anywhere at night and to lock our door and we'll be right with the security guard they'll get for us.

In the end I don't think it was that bad, they just weren't sure what kind of travelers we were and that it was better off being safe then sorry.

The security guard, a lovely old man with a face that you'd usually see in those black and white photo portraits.......the kind that tell a thousand stories, lived in the room below where we slept. He was a lovely guy with a huge smile and most of us wanted him to come with us but the van is riding low enough as it is.

We left there about 9am much to everyone's disgust, but there was lots to do. The early morning start put everyone in a bad mood, and it wasn't until much later in the day that the vibe in the van rise into happiness.

Actually no, I think we skipped happiness and went from being shitty to delirious from being confined within Chrissy for hours on end.

The drive through Acapulco itself took nearly an hour, and it's not a very nice city. It's really busy, congested, and not a good looking city. Once you're on the ourskirts of the city and look back it appears to be a paradise, but don't be fooled.

The drive, the drive, the drive, my GOD it was a long drive. We went over nearly as many speed bumps as there were donkey's on the side of the road, or there are ABC stores in Hawaii, or there are grains of sand in the desert!!!! 10 freaking hours.

One part of the drive which I think was the turning point in everyone's attitude was Lize's game of Roses and Thorns.

The idea behind the game, which she had brought from the Camp she recently worked at, was to come up with the best thing and the worse thing for the day/week, hence the name Roses and Thorns.

We all went though our thorns, all being getting in the car so early in the morning, but when we got to the roses it was great to hear about everyone's favourite bits of the past few weeks, a good thing to jog the memory of the good times we've had.

I had some time to think about it, 10 hours in a car provides a lot of time to think, and I think one of my best Roses......... but that's for another entry.

We were finally pulled over by the Military for "Our Protection". We all grabbed our personal items (syringes, spoons, lighters etc...... only joking) like license, passport, ipod, anything that might get misplaced in the search.

The Military were very nice and did a quick once over search of the van. They could have made us take EVERYTHING out and search it properly, which would have taken between 30 minutes and an hour, but they looked at a few things then sent us on our way.

They said that it was another 3 hours to Puerto Escondido, and it was already 5.30pm. FARK, another batch of night driving.

Night driving is normally alright, except they seem to want to put in topes (or speed bumps) every couple of kilometers with no warning what so ever. And I don't mean just no signs, I mean they are the same color as the road and often in the shade of trees...... and surprisingly often out the front of mechanics and tire shops........... cunning.

The girls started playing a game in the car while I played the game avoid huge trucks, donkeys on the side of the road and try not to use the topes as a launch pad into next week.

Then, though the darkness, a small sign with Puerto Escondido arose while there was still a whisper of light in the sky (probably from the stars that were out, but still, there was some light).

The girls checked out a couple of places and then decided on Hotel Papaya Surf which has turned out to be right across the road from the Mex Pipe, perfect for filming.

The past two days have consisted of an early rise to do some filming, followed by some breaky, a bit more filming, then fill the day with whatever might involve staying well out of the sun.

We hit a beach yesterday afternoon, Playa something or other, and the surf was alright.,,,,, a bit choppy and a bit of a long boarders wave, but I'd rather be there then at Zicatela getting my body permanently imprinted across the bottom of the ocean as I got over the falls time and time again.

The girls have headed off there again this afternoon, but it's been a long day for me so I'm off for a bit of a siesta.

Here are a couple of photo's to go with the movie above.....

For a full list of photo's see the Facebook album Puerto Escondido


skevos said...

thats what I am talking about good filming dude good stuff

Birdman said...

Thanks bro, there's HEAPS more footage. Will do my best to get it to you asap.