Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hurrincane Dean is over

And in true Darwin style the worse thing that happened was my cup of dry special K was blown over this morning while I was lying in the hammock.

Dont get me wrong, it has caused some severe damange and has unfortunately caused the loss of life on more then one occasion, but we were well away from any danger.

Here is a turn up for the books though, and something that would have caused more damage to towns in australia then an actual hurricane.

The banned the sale of alcohol the day before the hurricane was set to hit. All we wanted to do was have a few quiet beers and hacky sac, but no luck. They either told us it was not for sale at the counter, or they had already chained the fridges.

Roads permitting we are off to Chichen Itza tomorrow morning.


Karren said...

Hi Jusso, glad to hear that you were not affected by Deano!!! Will have to put some time aside and read your blog, have not been on for awhile. Fam is great. Still have not gone anywhere near those Mohitoes yet!!! (Not sure of the spelling) At work, so better get back to it. Love Kazza xo

Birdman said...

Glad to hear the family is going well.

Take some time at work and have a read, let me know what you think about the different places. Theres plenty of pics too so you can see where you want to go in a few years....

Lil' Sis said...

Hey Birdman,
Hope all is well and that damn hurricane hasn't totally destroyed any of the places you wanted to see! Natural disasters can be soooo annoying sometimes! Anyway...
Celebrating Beckly's Birthday this weekend...all the young people are heading off to PeeWee's on Saturday night, baby free as well! I don't know if Beckly will handle the 4 hours without the little one! Anyway I'll be thinking of you as i enjoy my 5 star meal! hehehehehehehehe!
William had his needles on monday and wasn't very happy this week! Anyway...stay safe...have to get back to my assignments :(
Love kelz xoxoxoxox