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Leaving Mexico

For the past 7 weeks you've had me babble on about things that have happened, and of course it has been all from my point of view.

Well it is my blog!

To give you a better insight into the past 7 weeks my travel friends have all written a little something. As usual, I was there to hurry them up to finish them off so they apologise in advance for misspellings or random out of sequence stories.


The first thought that comes to my mind, now that I have travelled through Mexico in Chrissy with Justin is how often I am amazed at how things work out in life.

I absolutely love how things just fall into place and flow along just nicely when you are on the right path in life. The adventure with Justin from the hostel in OB - San Diego to the airport in Cancun is unforgetable and the new friendships that have been made are an added bonus.

I have lost count how many times I have thanked the lord that we met Justin in San Diego. Firstly because he was heading the same direction through Mexico as us and was kind enough to invite us to come with him. Actually he may have just been really drunk and totally regreted it the next day but hey he couldn't pull out of that cause we just pounced on the offer.....and secondly because I have seen how tough and stressful it can be travelling/ backpacking without a vehicle. Especially through places like Baja California coast where it is sooo hot and dry, many times when I saw people walking down the street with their backpacks looking for somewhere to stay, again I was very greatful on many occasions to be driving in a car and that the ride in the back of Chrissy that was feeling sooo uncomfortable and squishy suddenly started to feel alright after all....and as Holly would could be worse... it could be raining!!! Hahaha

There are so many things to mention but the topic of conversation particularly at dinner time was always a good laugh. Without grosing you all out, some people may be shocked if they new what we were talking about, but luckily for the people around us they couldn't understand English anyway.

You just can't find enough words to describe some of the places we have been, we can just recommend them to you to see for yourself. A lot of the places of course are not accessable unless you have a car so again " We Love Chrissy". So as you can tell Chrissy quickly became the most loved in our new family, we look after her because without her our stories would not have been the same. We drown her with lots of love and attention. She has even responded on a number of occasions, seriously, we've all heard her. Even the times when she was hurt and injured she still cranked on through....she's tough as nuts man. Unfortunately she has been knocked about a bit, been threatened by a hurricane and still firing all cylinders.

And lastly to just say that Justin is one of the most coolest, nicest and most patient guys I have ever met......who else could handle 4 women 24/7 for almost 7 weeks straight...well done Justin love you and your nature!! I have had the most memorable times travelling through mexico and one thing that will always pop into my mind was the welcoming celebration night we had for Liza in Guadalajara and when we were comparing the split of men to women in the bar...I still reckon it was 50, 60!!!

I am sure we will meet again on our travels somewhere "Around the World" !!!
Thanks heaps Birdman, papa bear, dad.... see you soon..

Lotsa Love Vinnie


I was the late comer to the Chrissy Clan. After a few flight dramas and much umming and ahhhing, I flew in from Canada 4 weeks ago. After my first night here I knew I'd made the right decision to come. It was so great to see Bags and Vinni after 10 months away from the Von and awesome to meet Holly and Justin. What more than a night out in Guadalajarra with male strippers and crazy mexican men insisting on teaching me salsa dancing to break me in? Definately set me up for an eye opening experience...
I've loved every minute of our Mexicana adventure so far... from goonas in the gutter at Paracho, crazy dancing at the wedding, mind-blowing waves at Puerto Escondido, 3 hour aimless walks to stumble upon the nations fluffiest donuts, my first surf in 10 months, discovering the ruins, bush tucker and jungle medicine in Palenque, "accidentally" having an alcoholic drink for b'fast, giving Justin grief about his D.C. addiction, surviving Deano the "catastrophic" hurricane in Merida, and oh, the list goes on!
On a serious note, I feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to experience this diverse country with such a great bunch of mates. The locals have been extremely welcoming and tolerant of our poor espanol. I feel so privileged to have been given a snapshot of their culture. Such beautiful people! Chrissy rocks and I know I'll have my great memories of the crew forever. Thanks Justin, Holly, Bags and Vinni. xoxo


Few lines from the newborn weird italian stepbrother of the best family ever, from the hurricane to the caribbean sea, passing through the wild jungle and Chichen Itza la Majestosa, with tons of roses an no thorns, so glad to have met you and Christie (I hope i wrote it well), hoping but knowing we will meet again in Italy Europe Australia Asia Africa, brief, the world, with all the joy I can tell with words, truly yours,
P.S. No, I haven't seen that thing on the road


I'll start by saying this has been one of the best accidental decisions i've ever made...When i first hopped aboard Chrissy i thought i was just here for a quick four day trip, but as usual my trip has been extended many many times, and i'm still here over 6 weeks later. looking back, I'm not really sure why i thought i could stay for only 4 days....hello....have i learned nothing about myself in the last year and a month of travelling!

I might just go through a few of my roses and thorns (this is a camp game that Lize introduced to us, where we all tell each other what the ups and downs of the last day, week or whatever have been.) This is gonna be so hard because there's been so many good times and i could probably talk forever about it....u all know i love to talk :-) so i'll try to be brief....

Bahia de Los Angles...first dip in the sea in mexcio (with a beer, just to make it a little rosier) and we were so so sweaty after a whole day in chrissy that we really really needed it. And the stars there were absolutely breathtaking!

Almost wetting myself with laughter in Scorpion Bay when Bag started talking long-arm shots of all four of us sleeping in chrissy (it's cosy). Bags had the 'bottom bunk' and she looks like she's been ran over, and the rest of us just look stoned/crazy....even though we are clearly neither :-p (Bags...get those pics on facebook now!)

Playing a world class game of hacky sack and drinking margaritas made by Carlos in buena vista....your pissed vinnie!

Crashing a wedding in Paracho, where we met the most generous and friendly people and ended up being invited to a wedding, where we ate, drank and danced the day away. Had some very funny moments practicing our spanish with Chrisitan!

Watching the huge surf at Puerto Escondido, was truly awesome and far too big for me to surf, but maybe one day. And i hope memories of that will keep me motivated when i get back to surfing freezing cold England again....eeeek!

Visiting all the Maya ruins, which i thought i'd would never have the chance to do in my tiny little four day trip! They've all been beautiful and so interesting that I'm now a little bit obsessed...not as much as justin though!

And i guess the only thorn i have for this trip is having to leave. I'm really gonna miss all u guys, it's been so much fun being a part of our little 'family' even though dad does make us get up early!! Can't wait to catch up with you all again some day, I'm coming to visit you all next time I'm in Australia for sure and your all welcome at my house anytime.

Hasta Luego Muchachas!

Bags AKA Margarita here ( with a nick name like Bags, of course I am the one who speaks Spanish... gotta love Ozzustralia!)

Anyway, it's fitting that Justin has asked us to write our final 'piece' to his blog spot before he moves on to begin his next adventure and aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, lo que puedo decir... Mexico - muchas gracias para una adventura famosa y 'espectacular' con amigos de casa y ahora amigos de nuevo (you guys gotta keep practicing your Espanol)

WOW... lets see if I can some how be brief and put the last 6 and half weeks in words... it nearly brings a tear to my eye to think that our 'famous' 4, then 5 and for the last leg 6 (inc: Carlo from Italy) is about to come to an end.

It all started on 'around' the 1st July 2007 where we all met in San Diego (OB) - where by chance we happened to be all staying at the same hostel and as we chatted about our 'sort of plans' for traveling thru Central America... ok, I will also say right from the start and for all of you who know Justin, will know that he is well organised... and well, for all of you who know Vinnie and I well, lets just say that at times we tend to be a bit like 'jelly fish, we go with the flow...'

So, Yostin's offer to go with him in the now 'infamous Chrissy' (1990 Mitsubshi white van with tinted windows and all decked out for camping and surfing) was too good an offer to give up ( will also add that Justin is currently known as "Yostin, Huston or maybe even more fitting, DAD...") so, off we headed across the border on the 10th July, Yostin and 4 chickies babes. This included: Vinnie (Oz) and I who were in for the long haul and Holly (from UK) and Vanessa (Oz) who were going to travel with us for 4 days. Vanessa kept her part of the deal and lets say Holly is still with us nearly 7 weeks later - I reckon that gives you a pretty good indication of some of the adventures and fun we have had.

Mine and Vinnie's good amiga Liza (Oz) joined us on the 1st August and the five of us have been traveling muy 'Mexican style' (basically we are all crammed in the back with no official seats, ooohaaa!) in hip and happening Chrissy and its been superb. For traveling for 6 and half weeks and doing HEAPS together I think we have done muy bien. We really have only had a couple of 'shitty' days where we all had or needed some 'quite time'.... but for some of us who had never met, we have kicked arse really.

Some highlights or roses as we now like to say:

*for me personally, the ability to communicate in Spanish has been the best ever. The random conversations I have had with many Mexicans has been brilliant. The welcoming, generous, friendly, proud and positive personalities has been so very special. Trying to learn about the culture, politics, history and music... and being able to 'eaves drop' as we walk down the street has been pretty cool too!
*Sunsets and sunrises on the Baja coast ( yes, I actually saw heaps of sunrises!!)
*surfing, swimming and camping in some pretty special spots
*meeting new friends - Inc: Mexican, Italian, Australian and from the USA
*Being invited to a Mexican wedding and not knowing anyone there - and especially not the bride and groom...who would do that? if that was in Oz (or most places) and you were on the way to your brother's wedding and you met five backpacking Mexican's would you invite them?? Hmmm, I wonder...?
*Playing hackey sack and laughing long and haaarrrd in a place called Buena vista
*Cheering Vinnie on when she was on stage busting a move with some local Mexican chicks in Guardlajarra and she came an equal first - good effort Vinnie.
*Exploring the Mayan ruins and becoming aware of the significance of some of their predictions.
*Bano and leg stretching breaks
* Sleeping in bunk beds in the back of Chrissie - it can be done!!
* Eating tacos, tortillas, burritos, chilies, quesadillas until the cows come home.
*Exploring cobbled street towns, markets, food, traditions, alley ways etc
and how could I not mention those bloody TOPES and leaking transmission oil!!!!!!

...and the list could on and on but one thing that I reeaalllllly Ioooved was just driving in Chrissy throughout a huge part of Mexico with five (or 6) amigos, musica pumping, hair flowing and feeling absolute freedom, peace and gratitude for being able to do that... that mi amigos, has been a true blessing.

So, adios y hasta luego 'amigos para siempre'... It has been an absolute pleasure sharing all the wonders of Mexico with you and I wish you all peace, love, health and happiness for your next adventures and forever. The memories or as a friend translated "those souvenirs" will stay with us forever.

Yostin, I'll see you in Darwin (hope you remember my name!!) and Holly I will see you in Bath or Oz!! (Vanessa see you in Adelaide and Carlo will see you in Roma)

I hope that the Vinnie, Lize and I keep the tradition of 'Chrissy' alive (we just bought her off Yostin) as we now continue on with the next phase of our adventures throughout Central America.

hasta luego

live life now.

Margarita/Bags xo


The plane is boarding and you've got a taste of all my adventures so far. A quick and bigger then life thank you to the girls above! You've made the last 7 weeks of my life some of the best.

Be good, poo solid, and I'll see you again before you know it!

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