Friday, August 03, 2007

A night out in Guadalajra

The drive down to Morelia from Guadalajara was good, but it took us a fair while to get going as we were all a little bit hung after the night out.

We were hung because we had hit a couple of bars to show our latest addition to the Van around Mexico. On the way up the street to check out another bar Bags asked a couple of girls where we should head........ and of course the answer was to head with them.

They were on the way to a nightclub that was having a singles night, although you needed tickets to get in. The three girls were dressed up in going out stuff, and we were dressed up in whatever smelled the cleanest when we decided to head out........... none of us had shoes (I'm still yet to have to wear shoes this trip).

They talked to the guys at the door, and soon afterwards we were scaling the staircase up towards the dance club, but not before picking up some beads to swap for kisses..........

We had already had a couple of beers and a few complimentary tequilla shots before we got there, and the bucket of 10 beers for 200 peso's just sent us to where we needed to be.

The girls decide to hit the dance floor, around about the same time that the male strippers hit the stage. One of the girls that we had met on the street was taken on to stage to dance with one of the strippers. I'm not sure if she was more excited or embarrassed to be up there.

The fun really started after the second bucket when they called for girls to hit the stage. Bring on VinniMex!!! Vinni hit the stage with our 2 new Mexican friends and another girl who was a bit hard to spot when she turned side on.

After dancing up a storm it was between Vinni and the Mexican Kate Moss, and although Vinni was the obvious winner it was awarded a tie and we got another 6 beers.

Holly, Vinni, our new Mexican friend, Liza, Me and Bags

Six beers too many!

We had half of those and staggered home, via a supermarket to pickup a hot/cold chook and bread. Obviously we were drunk at this stage, because I'm not too sure how many people would eat a cold hot chook from a mexican supermarket at 2am.

Luckily noone died, and everyone already had poo solidity issues so no one was the wiser.

Everyone was hung in the morning, so we slept in till lunch time before we got up and headed towards Morillia.

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Anonymous said...

G'day from W.A !!! You guys look like you are having the fattest time! Wot a great photo of you all..Margarita you look BEAUTIFUL and SO happy and well and tanned :-) and Vinny ..what can i say rock on sister, glad you learning all them Mexicans how to dance propa Ozzie Chick wayz! An howdy to you too Eliza.. havnt seen you for ages but you look great as always.. Love hearing your yarns Margarita and this blog site is a bewdy..thanks for the opportunity to get to see you all!! love, hugs and vegemite toast from your mate Jill in Dero Gero XXXXX