Saturday, August 18, 2007

Surfing Barra De La Cruz

There's been a couple of days between any surf talk, and I probably won't get a chance to hit the water until I get to Nicaragua....... so to tide over my surfing buddies who keep asking for more surf pictures here you go.

Last year the Rip Curl Search was "Somewhere in Mexico". That somewhere in Mexico was the right point break of Barra De La Cruz.

I'm pretty sure the turn off lies in between the 1056th and 1057th topes (or speed bump) on the Mexico 200, or you can find it by driving approximately 20km past Santa Cruz on the way to Salina Cruz.

As usual the turn off kind of sneaks up on you.

Follow the road through the small town and you will eventually come across a lady sitting at a boom gate. It costs 20 pesos per person to cross in and use the beach car park for the day (toilets and showers are there) or you can pay 80 pesos each and get a small palpa, hammock, or just camp in the surf camp just past the gate.

They have showers and toilets also, and a pretty cool little outdoor resteraunt with sky television. Just about every visiting surfer stays there for good reason, it has a really friendly and relaxed vibe.

About 5 - 10 minutes drive down the road you come across the car park with a set of showers, toilets and a small kiosk. From there it's a short walk across the beach to the right break that wraps around the point.

On the way back to the car a couple of kids asked if we could give them a lift back to town. There was no room inside so we declined, but they insisted they could hold on to the back for the drive back.

They were pretty cool kids, and nearly fell a couple of times as vinni sped down the dirt track and occasionally pushed us into the tree's on the side of the road.


Anonymous said...

Great blog on Barra. Barra is a special place be cool there OK?

For anyone who wants a little more upmarket accommodation than a surf shack (lovely though they are) there is a luxury villa for rent on another surf beach called El Mojon just 10 mins drive from Barra.

Barra de la Cruz Villa

The villa is a 100% eco/solar/self contained beauty. Right on a point break.

Have a good time guys.

Anonymous said...

Great job; make a website and tell the whole world about the place...what are you thinking?

Birdman said...

That thought had crossed my mind, then I realised it was in,, and just about any other travel/surf book concerning Mexico.

Oh, and they also had the "Where in Mexico" competition for the top 44 there last year.

Don't worry, there is many a place we visited that won't make any pages......

Anonymous said...

idiot. come to surf here is one thing. to create a blog is well, i guess you don't understand. good thing i know what you look like.

Birdman said...

idiot. come to surf here is one thing. to create a blog is well, i guess you don't understand. good thing i know what you look like.

Idiot? Nice one anonymous. Very witty.

How did you come across the blog by the way? Searching the internet for Barra De La Cruz on google?

Doesn't it seem silly that you come across this blog searching on that term, and then complain that you've found something?

Anonymous said...

Ha, Touche.

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot for creating this page. Especially the "I'm pretty sure the turn off lies..." part. You're a dickhead.

I hope you will delete this blog, but seeing as though you haven't yet, you are obviously clueless. I'm sure your surfing ability matches though.

You would have seen the beef that went down between Surfer, Surfline, Rip Curl etc... and you'd think you would respect the requests of the locals and avoid revealing more than you need to.


Birdman said...

Hey thanks for coming back to visit.... for the third/fourth/fifth time.

You're right, I suck at surfing, but it is an amazing feeling to just paddle out to the back of the break and take in the world from back there.

The only thing that tends to ruin it are the few people who think they're bigger than the act itself.

Surfing is for everyone to enjoy, not just a select few that think they have more right to the ocean then someone else.

Jana said...

Ay, que clasico Anonymous. I was searching Barra for the date of the contest that blew this break out of hiding and came across your site.
So, I have a sneaking suspicion that Anonymous is not a Mexican national. If I'm wrong, my bad, go ahead and be pissed. However, if my suspicions are right, said Anonymnous probably spent 5 weeks in the shacks at Barra, is a white male, and now feels that he has some sort of local stake at the break. You don't. Get over it. If you want something truly off the grid you've got to work for it and you'll never find it online sucker. Oh and with your attitude, no one's going to help you along the way either.
Birdman-hope your trip rocked.

gilley said...

That is why he remains anonymous. You're going to tell me you have never found a dream break by doing some research? You either have the time to drive around your whole life hoping for the perfect swell to light up a secret point, fly around coastlines if you have the money or just use the internet to find what you're looking for. Who cares if more people know about it. As long as no one tries to build a golf resort on top of the cliff and makes access even more difficult... Now that would be upsetting. Nice blog.

Anonymous said...

FA K OFF KOOK GO HOME DONT PROSTITUTE OUR SPOT!!!Q YOU can come if you want Good you picture the boys here dont like crowds thank you for being a KOOK!

Delux Executive Suites said...
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Anonymous said...

Who is this anonymous gAy? Do you live in Mex or own property there? What an ass...!

Anonymous said...

(Not me, but the other gAy)

Anonymous said...

Came across this place last year as I was heading down to El Salvador. Had heard the rumors but didn't know where it was. Got chatting to the locals, they liked that there were more tourists around but felt it was becoming too popular. They seemed to like it better when people came across the place by accident or word of mouth and didn't appreciate all the publicity, at least the local surfers I talked to didn't, business owners might be a differnt story.

I'd leave the blog up take down all information on how to find the place, or other surf places that you find, make the search special again.

Just my opinion

Drew from Ireland

Anonymous said...

yeah i live somewhere quiet and i would not appreciate it being shown to the world, just cos someone else had done it first. somethings are just best kept to you and your close ones.

sam- an island

Birdman said...

@Drew from Ireland.

Thanks for the comments, I was fortunate enough to travel around your beautiful country on a few different occasions and managed to come across some truely amazing spots.

A few years ago at Kilcummin a local guy told me to follow him down a few back roads and out onto a skinny path along the roaring ocean. We ended up at a break where a huge slab of rock stretched in from the cliff and a nice left hander broke along very cold and shallow water.

Now THAT is a secret spot I don't care to repeat the location of.

Good luck with the surf travel!

Anonymous said...

I agree with that anonymous guy. You kooks that made this page deserve everything that bloke said to you. Your are obviously massive kooks from some shitty city somewhere and have no idea what it is like to want to keep a place as quiet as possible for as long as possible.


Birdman said...

*** Please Note Anonymous Posters ***

It's all getting a little bit repetitive with no responsibility to follow up with.

If you disagree with the post by all means please leave a comment, but also cover the following points.

1. How did you come across this post? (search engine and if so what was your search term, or referral link)

2. What made you click on this page?

3. How did you get to Barra and where did you stay?

4. Name would be good, stand by your comments everyone.

Thanks all, and happy commenting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Birdman,

Fair play for puttin up blog. Flying over to Puerto escondido in a few weeks and will hopefully hit Barra. Up around Kilcummin are a serious amount of great spots. Time for a bit of warm water tho. Is there any dangers I should look out for on the OAX coastline. What are locals like outback?



Edge said...

Everyone is so caught up on the secret spot which any taxi driver will tell you where it is if you mention rip curl contest.

Barra is not a SECRET it was a PROMOTION by ripcurl

By traveling mex you support the local economy so treat it with respect enjoy the adventure its what you make

Anonymous said...

i agree, the secret's out. but people should still be mindful of the fact that there are a lot of locals who want to keep it hush. and its true i went to puerto last march and everyone knows about it by now plus the signs are right on the freeway. people need to chill with the agro comments, when did you start taking life so seriously? as the great bill hicks said, "life is just a ride", so enjoy yours and let others do the same.

Anonymous said...

Barra is the shit!!!! And yes u r a bigggg cook birdman!!!

Chu chu- local in barra!!

Anonymous said...


Does anybody know the telefon number from Pep`s Cabaños?! Forgot my phone need to call them-thanks a lot!!!!!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

jeez when did everyone get so aggro? i always thought surfing was for everyone, if there were no dicks out back acting like they own the water life would be a lot simpler, tourists are everywhere_fact, if your lucky you live by a great spot, if not you come accross them and enjoy them while u can, locals should respect the fact they dont own shit, no land rights in the water im afraid, surely every local has travelled to another spot and i doubt they want aggro then! fuck locals the ocean is there for us all,peace

Jeff said...

I'm laughing at the back and forth on posting a Barra "tell all". 10 years ago I would have been upset by the publicity but the real issue is with Rip Curl. They staged the contest...happened upon the best surf ever seen at Barra and among the best surf ever seen in a major contest and...whaddya expect would happen? I loved surfing there ten years ago but I don't go there anymore. Got another spot to go to now but am certainly NOT going to mention the whereabouts. Look, I kept my board in Pto. Escondido in the mid 1970's. Surfed all alone at Punta Zicatela. Look at it now. No reason to get overly amped...I just moved on. I have a ranch in the mountains above Barra and loved driving down to the coast to surf. Now I have to add some extra kms...One day I suppose you guys will be writing about that spot as well. But by then I will be too old to care!

Birdman said...

@jeff nice comment, it's good to hear from someone who obviously spends a lot of time in the area as opposed to someone who spent one trip there claims the break as their own.

I must say I'm very jealous of anyone with a ranch in Mexico, let alone one in the mountains above Barra.

Fingers crossed that your new spot stays secret for many years to come.

Anonymous said...

Im gonna be blowing this place out Cunt!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you all need to go elsewhere if it is that big of a problem. If you want to blame someone for exposure blame surf companies that sell you your dream and the ruin it or human ego, ego of a double edged sword, one side is that you take the big deal keep it a secret path or the other side is you mouth off about how you are the man and you know where all the best waves are, either way the place gets exposed, curiosity killed the cat so those of you that think you have the moral high ground by keeping a place quiet you are doing the opposite, its just human nature to want to know something.Ever heard " oh it pumps " or a photo being produced or forwarded in an email and guys going nah man no way am i telling you, that is as bad as mouthing off cant you see that?? And those of you that are mouthing off about places well.....everyone does it even if it is the im hardcore and i tell no one guys, they tell people they just wont admit it. Just remember that just like in most cases in Indonesia and other lesser developed countries more surfers equals more income for local people who need income to support their families, it is their place not yours regardless if you are there for a week or you pull out the "i own a house here" so there for i have more right to surf here crap. visit dont be a tight ass with money enjoy the waves and have respect for firstly local people, secondly the environment, and thirdly the other people around you. and just remember if there were no waves there none of you would even give a shit about the place and that is the truth...........I think this has put this matter to rest.

Anonymous said...

Who ever taught you to use the dreamweaver program should be slapped.

Anonymous said...

egla is in da house

Anonymous said...

Don't travel stay home. Everybody please stay home and go wank.
If you're lucky to have a home break, then nice...if you don't, don't surf.
Surfers are really selfish and it's how it is.
Don't blame the industry, everyone will always be somebody else kook.
And kooks are always lame.
Crowded surf spots suck big time, everybody agrees.
Traveling is good but, as living in society, respect is key.
And most of all, nobody likes kooks...
I hate tourists too unless they're cool or hot chicks and don't act like dicks in the wate. But I travel too and the only way is trying to stay humble and open minded...
You guys did a good job with this blog, I don't want to go there now, as it sounds like it is a top tourist location...
long live the haters.

Anonymous said...

Just booked my TIX to Barra and found this blog with Google. Thanks to all the haters and to the guy who put this together as I now have a couple of great spots to go surf while I am there for two weeks. Yes, I am going to FUCK up your water with my California boards, drink as much beer as I can and party with the hot girls that are coming with me to surf too. Mostly just to spite the idiots who think that this break is there own. Peace out biiatch

Sage K. said...

Wow! I went searching for a blog to help me find a place to send my sweetie for a week while he decompresses from some stress and heartache in his life. I like your blog, but the territorial, testosterone pumped commentators are a bit gnarly. Guess surfing has it's hypocrites just like everything else. "Let's go surf and be in touch with nature...fuck you if you're in my way!" What a sad and dark and possesive attitude to have about a sweet past time that is so calming and healing for many. So selfish.
Kudos to you, Birdman. Your heart is in a good place, creating balance with those who wish to own and control places and people... those who perpetuate ego over harmony.

Birdman said...

Hey Sage K.

I'm glad this blog helped you out. I've always found the mixture of chilled out and over the top hard ass people quite funny in the surfing world.

Glad you've got the right perspective on things.

Anonymous said...

Hey Birdman,

Thinking of doing a trip to mexico and down to this wave, If I dont have a car.... How do I get from mexico city there?

And I will have my girlfriend with me, what are the little shacks like?
Whats in them e.t.c?
Is it expensive to eat there?


Unknown said...

Barra is still a great place. Thank goodness the jerks are going somewhere else now... Pepe has added more rooms, and the vibe is chill, as usual without the Cali boys. Maybe if they shut their mouths long enough, they'd learn something that everyone is trying to explain to them; doubt it.
The cabanas have either one or 2 beds, clean sheets, pillows. He has a place to cook, or order food, and sometimes his Mother cooks for you.
Go there, share the break, and show respect. They might even ask "when you coming back?!"

Ali Barreda said...

Hello. I see there is a lot o controversia about this blog. Yes is cool to get to a place for accident but sometimes it is not posible, so I think this bolg is usefull. it is still adventure form where I see.
Ahora. I m traveling to mexico, and I will like to surf. But I m going by myself, only one person, so I will like to have any contact of the cabañas de pepe.
Which is the neerest (mas cercano) town I will have to arrive to go to Barra? And then ? like how i get there.


Anonymous said...

informative, but as a surfer, I agree dont sell out the good spots, its like being a snitch. The part I wasnt a big fan of was when you almost turned down the little kids cause there wasnt enough room? seriously make some room for those flakos, its the least you can do being that you are invading their spot and then sold it out on the internet. I would say the majority of surfers I know are not peace loving hippies feeling the vibes, You have to be aggressive and serious to get good waves, its usually the fun board beginners who float way too far out the back like buoys who think its some love fest or something. they usually get run ova cause they are off in space and not paying attention to whats really going on. Aloha, watch out for people on the waves and get outa da way or get run ova

Anonymous said...

Another example of someone who stumbled across this blog searching for the wave and then complaining when the find something.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff. I was wondering why I haven't seen you much in the past few years. I'm the gardener who always enjoyed discussing indigenous species when you visited with your bio-group.

I don't know how you deal with the drive up the Zimatan road...I always get really heavy vibes way up there from the mountain folk. It's one of those "what the hell is a white person doing way up here"?

I do lay claim to being the first white person to visit the thermals in Merced, though.

Marcelo said...


Birdman, thanks for the informations . I don't know what those people are complaining, the spot is already exposed.

i'm going to puerto escondido in april and for sure spend some time in barra de la cruz. If i don't want to rent a car, it's possible to go there by other mean, like a cab? would you know how much it costs?

best regards from brazil
if you need any information about the brazilian surf spots, i can help you.

Anonymous said...

it does seem silly anonymous. are you stoned and getting some stoner rage on? relax, bro
(btw this is a different anonymous to the previous rude one) am i stoned right now

pascal said...

Hahaha, this is soo funny!
I know the whole conversation with Mr. Anonymous #1,#2,#3 and so on are old and so is the story, it is THE SAME OLD STORY! Within no time of the contest, everyone know that this wave is Barra, and so it is perfectly fine to talk about it. There are still so many incredible waves out there you don't know about. Most of them are no secrets, and once you get close enouth people tell you about those places. Keep traveling talk to the locals and you'll find waves like barra, that every surfer in that country knows about and talks about, but your friends back home can't even pronounce the name.