Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Guitar Factory in Paracho

Today was pretty cool

We left Paracho, very sad, but Christian took us out for one more tour.

We went and had a look at a church that his family had built for the town to show appreciation for the good fortune that God had bestowed upon his family.

A beautiful gesture, which should go some way to show you just how wonderful Christian and his family are. Today genstures like that are few and far bewteen, yet he and his family show this kindness in every moment that I have spent with them.

Afterward Christian took us to a guitar factory that produces around 350 guitars a day. We got to see the guitars at every stage of the creation, even the part where they got painted (and all got just a little high on the fumes).

We've left Paracho now, and I hope that we've left as big an impression on the town and people as they have done so upon us.

Here are some of the photo's from the day in the Guitar Factory on Facebook

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