Sunday, August 05, 2007

A Wedding in Paracho

Before you get alarmed, I have not met a Mexican girl and I'm not about to get married in Paracho.

This morning I got up and wandered around the streets trying to kill some time before the guitar shops opened up and I could start the selection process of my next guitar.

There were ladies selling freshly baked bread along the street which was handy in making a good cheap breakfast, only 4 pesos for two rolls.

None of the guitar shops actually opened at 9, so I decided to head to the Museum and learn a bit more about the history of guitars before I started my selection. On the way to the Museum, or where I think the Museum is, I heard a band playing inside one of the buildings.

I wandered over to have a look inside and a gentleman out the front gestured me inside and was saying "Hot Chocolatte, hot chocolatte".

I followed his gestures and the room opened up into a courtyard with a band consisting of a double bass, two Mexican guitarra's and a horn section.

I thought I better have some hot chocolate from the kitchen to pay my way for listening to the band, and when I got given a cup I asked "Quanta questa?", or how much is it?

The lady looked at me a little confused and grabbed another lady in a red dress.

"Quanta Questa?"

More confusion.

The lady in the red dress wandered over to get another gentleman who was one of two people there that could speak english as well.

"How much for the chocolate?" I asked.

"No no, it's a wedding. The chocolate and bread are free" he replied.

A Wedding?!?!?!?!

I felt really bad about wandering into someone's house with my 4 peso's worth of bread, listening to the music and drinking a cup of hot chocolatte which was all being put on for their sons wedding.

They felt differently though. The gentleman, the father of the groom, sat me down while one of the grooms friends grabbed me some sweet bread, and then I sat down and talked to the father for a while.

I left for a moment to get the girls, and the polaroid camera, before heading back and getting a couple of pictures to give to the family as gifts.

The girls ended up staying at the hotel, and not long after I got back the house we all got up and wandered outside.

From there, we danced through the streets of Paracho with the band playing behind us, while someone put on a pinata like bull and danced and charged us all. We did this all the way to the Brides house when we got in a circle and danced some more and had some Tequilla and a white milky drink that tasted a bit like bailey's and cream.

I said my farewells to my knew friends, but not before they insisted I attend the wedding at 2pm at the Cathedral with my travel friends, and then join them for dinner and dancing afterwards.

It's nearly lunch now, and I still haven't got to a guitar shop................ but guitar shops are everywhere, how often do you get to go to a Mexican wedding.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the people here are more then welcoming, this is a beautiful country in every way.

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