Friday, September 28, 2007

Guinness, Shags staff and more guinness

I haven't had much time to write about Dublin, mainly due to the fact that I've either been in the pub drinking guinness, or too drunk to see the keys on the laptop.

Jusso, Prue and myself arrived in Dublin on Thursday afternoon and headed to the Regency to check in and get sorted. We met another girl from Australia, Leanne, on the plane and shared a cab from the airport.

We exchanged details and organised a place to catch up for our first Guinness. After a couple of touristy photo's we got the pour, the sit, and the settle over and done with.

For all those that like a guinness but haven't made it to Ireland, it's something to behold. For all those that told me how much better the Guinness tastes in Ireland, you were right.

We had a few beers that night but didn't really let it get too out of hand, we had to try and save ourselves for the reunion on the Saturday night.

After some breaky in the morning Jusso and I headed in to the city to catch the final between Geelong and Collingwood, and I have to say it's the first time I can remember that I actually cheered for Collingwood.

AFter a few beers and one hell of a game we decided it was time to head off and do the Guinness Brewery tour.

The tour was awesome, but because we got there a little bit late I had to rush through the upstairs area (and through the ad's) to make sure we made the roof top bar for a pint of the greatest Guinness of all.

After the beer we had to head off to a pub quickly to make sure that we caught the Ireland game. We headed up to the Barge and quickly found a spot to watch the rugby directly under a telly.

From here everything goes a little bit fuzzy. Prue left us at the pub, and I have vague memories of ordering 2 Guinness and 2 neat Jamesons each round, and how many rounds there were I'm not 100% sure.......... but I don't think you could count them on two hands.

I lost Jusso on the way home, we stopped off at a kebab shop for some food and while I was inside talking to some friends we made back at the pub (it seemed this kebab shop was a bit of a popular hangout), and when I came back outside he was gone, along with my food.

I set off down the road to get back to the Hotel, turned up the road that our hotel was on and walked for about 10 minutes........ except when you turn on to the road our hotel is on you only have to walk about 30 seconds.

Hmmmm, could I be on the wrong road at 4.15am after starting drinking with Jusso at 11am for the footy? Surely not.

After walking back 10 minutes to the main road it turns out, and don't be too amazed here, but I was actually on the wrong road. Not only that but when I left the Kebab shop I started walking in the wrong direction.


When I got back to the Regency (10 minute cab ride, no chance of walking) I went past Jusso's room to get my food.



The next morning was slow, but because this is a long post already I'll leave the story of the reunion until tomorrow.

Thursday night, Fitzgeralds, Temple Bar, the Quays (AFL), The Barge (Rugby), Messrs McGuires (lunch and reunion)

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