Monday, September 03, 2007

Goodbye Central America

Well I'm well and truely back into civilasation, and rather then just easing my way back into it I've decided to take on one of the biggest cities in the world head on and with no where to sleep on the first night there.

New York is impressive, if only just in it's size. The Big Apple. The freakishly HUGE apple it should be more aptly named.

The trip back from Nicaragua wasn't without a few incidents. The surfboard bag appeared to be lost at the New York airport, but they just decided to put it WAY over the other side of the airport for me. Lucky I didn't have a trolly and my bags were packed with books and presents for everyone..... my back isn't struggling at all.

There was a big of an argument when the plane arrived as well. One girl was having a go at another girl sitting behind her for kicking the seat throughout the whole flight. It was a bit strange, and she ended up making a scene for herself and looked a bit silly.

The cabbie was cool........ but I had to laugh because he was Indian. We chatted about things to do in NY, US open, baseball, talked about his love for soccer, but it wasn't until I was getting out of the cab that i saw a ODI cricket ball. Spewing!!! I could have talked about how Australia whipped India's ass in the World Cup.

I'm kind of disappointed about leaving central america, but I suppose the same was true for both Ocean Beach and Hawaii. I've loved the central america's, or at least what I was able to see of them.

7 weeks in Mexico just wasn't enough, and I didn't even get to the tip of the iceberg in Nicaragua. In fact, I think I could've spent 7 weeks just doing the ruins, another month in Paracho making guitars, two weeks in Scorpion Bay to improve my surfing, another two weeks in Sayulita, a week in Puerto Escondido to film some epic swells, a week in Barra De la Cruz improving my surfing again. I didn't even get to Guatamala, but they've got some fantastic Maya Ruins there as well. Nica, well I only surfed two of the places but got about 5 hours surfing in. There were about another 10 spots that I could have visited, not to mention some of the lesser known spots........ and that's just around Rancho Santana, there's plenty more coastline around.

I'd better get in to line here at the hostel, it's 9.30pm and I still don't have a bed. Surely there'll be a 24 hour bar somewhere if things get really desperate. Actually, even if I get a bed there's probably still a 24 hour bar around somewhere.

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