Friday, September 07, 2007

New York Yankee's


That was the chant that was cheered out as the mariners took a 2 - 0 run lead in the top of the 4th inning.

With that, the Yankee's came back and made it 2 - 1 by the end of the inning, and besides a few hotdogs and $8 beers not much happened until the 7th inning stretch.

"Take me out to the Ball Game, take me out to the park.........."

I was a little bit disappointed in the game up until this point, although everything else about the experience was spot on.

The night before we got back from the pub crawl and started looking for tickets. The ticketing system was down and after numerous failed attempts we decided to order them in the morning.

I woke early and started to search for the tickets, and got a rather high priced best seating. At $400.00 a ticket I thought there was probably something a little bit cheaper....... I mean we wouldn't spend that much all together let alone each ticket.

Come in Craigslist.

After a quick search and email I got a phone call from Dave who had 4 season tickets that he wasn't using for $35 a piece.


Anyway, the Yankee stadium is an amazing stadium and looks quite brilliant against the back drop of New York City with the setting sun, however looks can only go so far before sporting performance is actually required (hence why Sharapova still plays and what's her name isn't around any more).

Come in A - Rod.

Rodriguez stepped up to the plate and nailed a home run which kicked off a run of 8 homers in the inning, of which he hit the 8th and his 2nd of the inning.

Brilliant, simply brilliant.

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